Anatomy of an Email: ThinkFoodGroup

McKenzie Gregory

Anatomy of an Email: Think Food Group


1. Using a consistent, recognizable header in your email templates helps your audience gain familiarity with your brand. Plus, it gives them a couple of clear paths to immediately click through if they want to skip over your email content and go straight to your website to, say, make a reservation. 

2. If you're in the restaurant or hospitality industry, you can't go wrong with a quality hero image showing off some of your delectable offerings. The human brain is actually hardwired to respond most intensely to images of sex, danger, and – you guessed it – food.

3. Most people are only scanning their emails, and with shortened human attention spans, you only have 8 seconds to capture their interest before they move on to the next thing. Put the spotlight on the most important part of your message so recipients can quickly hone in on whether or not they want to learn more. 

4. In a similar manner, having some hierarchy in your copy helps readers get the gist of what you're saying without having to dive too deep. Use succinct headlines and a scannable format to get your message across to on-the-go readers. 

5. Emails with a single call to action can increase clicks 371% and sales 1617% (Wordstream). Keep your messaging focused around a single goal so subscribers know exactly what to do. And hey – a giant, tappable CTA button doesn't hurt, either! 

6. A single-column design is your best bet for email that looks great on a mobile device. Make sure to keep your body copy above 14px for the easiest read on a small screen, and only link out to mobile-friendly landing pages. 



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