Anatomy of an Email: Taylor Stitch

Looking for what makes a great email? Looking for what makes a great Halloween email? We found this email from Taylor Stitch in our inbox and immediately noticed six things they're doing right. Check out this anatomy of an email and see how you can apply some of these principles to your next campaign.



The images are obviously striking right off the bat. Taylor Stitch clearly puts a lot of effort into their imagery, and it pays off. Their beautiful photos are perfect placements for titles, and they  add alt text to display the text in case photos are blocked.

Of course, the Halloween header at the top of the email is perfectly seasonal and an easy prompt to inspire purchases. Aside from the festivity, the parts that really grabbed our attention were the uses of intelligent text layout. 

The product images use overlaid titles to explain what's being shown. And in just the right amount of words, they drive action with time-based statements, making sure the CTAs on the right side clearly stand out. The information is there if you need it, and the CTAs draw you in.

Use of intelligent design layout is also present in the footer. In the bottom of this email, there's  a footer reminiscent of a website, driving direct access to their various products and services. This navigational layout is small enough that it isn't hugely distracting, but is laid out to combed through easily.

Finally, social icons are placed at the bottom, sized for just the right amount of emphasis. It's like a "last call" for taking action in this email. 

Key takeaways for your next campaign:

  • Holidays are perfect opportunities for festive, interactive designs, as well as coupons to inspire seasonal purchases.
  • When using titles within images, make sure you have proper use of alt text.
  • Give just the right amount of detail, making sure your CTA always stands out.
  • Think about your text and image sizes—along with the amount of whitespace—when laying out your email to make reading, navigation, and sharing easy.

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