9 scary-good email examples for Halloween

McKenzie Gregory


Happy (almost) Halloween, friends!



For this month’s round-up, I thought it would only be appropriate to highlight a few of the festive sends to hit my inbox these past few weeks. Here’s to proving that Halloween-themed email marketing can go beyond pumpkin emojis and.... *shudder* .... yet another “spooktacular” sale.



1. Kate Spade

A terrifying thought? Me doing an email example round-up that doesn’t feature Kate Spade.

But in all seriousness, I absolutely loved this Halloween email from one of my favorite retailers. It’s seasonally on point but still on-brand... plus that GIF is a total showstopper.




2. Shari’s Berries

How cute are these cake pops? I couldn’t help but favorite this Halloween-themed campaign from Shari’s Berries. It’s simple but attention-grabbing, and the single CTA helps keep things laser-focused.




3. Modcloth

Since Modcloth’s emails tend to be brightly colored and whimsical, this simple black and white mailing immediately stood out. I also loved the black cat GIF – not only because it reminded me of Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but also because it was the perfect way for their feline-frenzied brand to cater to the holiday.




4. Favor

Have you ever seen a more delightful Halloween email? This one has it all: A fantastic GIF in the header, emojis in the subject line, and the perfect amount of Halloween-themed copy. Plus, the orange path guides your eyes to each and every CTA as you scan through the email.




5. Paul Mitchell

The main reason I loved this one? Besides being beautifully designed, it showcases something important about holiday marketing: You don’t always have to have some sort of themed sale to get in on the fun. In this example, for instance, Paul Mitchell uses content to tie into the festivities, and it feels much more effective than yet another “no tricks, just treats!” email.




6. VRBO (and Homeaway)

I absolutely loved the dry ice GIF in the header of this Halloween-themed send from VRBO. The content is fantastic, too, so imagine my surprise when after receiving this one...



My co-worker Lee forwarded me this…



Hmm. Turns out, they’re owned by the same parent company. But regardless of the repeat, this email looks great on both brands.



7. J. Crew Factory

J. Crew is like Kate Spade when it comes to the special occasion email game: I’d be shocked if they didn’t send something inspiring on Tuesday, let alone a holiday. That said, we still were surprised and delighted by their take this year on the Halloween-themed campaign.




8. Kendra Scott

One of my favorite trends in email these days is when brands gamify their sales. In this example, for instance, Kendra Scott added some intrigue to a Halloween promo by turning it into a treasure hunt on their website. It’s the same thing as offering the discount straight-up, but it feels way more valuable when you have to work to find it.




9. Bonobos

I adored this tongue-in-cheek Halloween email series from Bonobos. It was a great way for a brand that doesn’t actually have anything to offer for the holiday to get in on the action in a way that felt genuine and made their subscribers laugh.










Have you gotten any killer Halloween emails I missed? Share away in the comments!


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