9 marketing stats we just had to share


Confession time: We are huge nerds when it comes to marketing data. We genuinely get excited when we see new stats and talk about what they might mean for marketers. So we thought we’d let you in on the fun. Here are some of the latest stats that started interesting conversations around the Emma house. Feel free to share with your marketing crew, and let us know in the comments if they spark any ideas.



1. 80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase. (VB Insight)

It’s because automation is helping marketers everywhere deliver more relevant and timely content at scale. That’s compelling stuff, and it doesn’t even cover all the time automation helps you save.


2. On average, 49% of companies currently use marketing automation. (EmailMonday)

When you think about the results marketers are seeing in that first stat, what’s everyone else waiting for? If you’re still skittish about automation, try dipping a toe in with a welcome series. Your results will have you taking the plunge in no time.



3. Two-thirds of marketers say they plan to explore more creative uses of behavioral triggers in 2016. (Econsultancy)

And this is how you get the most out of automation. The technology has evolved to the point that you can trigger a personalized email based on almost any subscriber activity (as long as you’re capturing the data). The savviest brands are already doing it.




4. Email is the primary source of data for marketers, with 41% relying on their email marketing response data. (Forbes)

Email has long been one of the most measurable channels for marketers. It helps you learn what your audience likes (so you can do more of it), and what they don’t (so you can do better next time).


5. By 2017, online video will make up nearly 70% of consumer internet traffic. (Tidal Labs)

Sorry copywriters, people don’t want to read anymore. Video is king. But hey, they still need a script, right?


6. Customers are 6x more likely to purchase a product if the page includes pictures from social media.  (Tidal Labs)

And this stat further proves the point. Compelling visual content is key to keeping your audience engaged and driving them to act. And it doesn’t hurt if that visual content also contains boatloads of social proof.


7. Millennials are most likely to check their email from bed (70%), from the bathroom (57%), or while driving (27%). (Adobe)

Millennials might be most likely, but we’re all on the move. And as this stat proves, we’re carrying around an inbox everywhere we go (note: don’t check email while driving).



8. Over 70% of US consumers say email is their preferred method of communication from businesses (Adestra).

Not only that, email is also the top channel for marketing ROI (bonus stat alert!), raking in $38 for every $1 spent (DMA).


9. Email marketing was the biggest driver of Black Friday transactions, with 25.1% of sales originating from the marketing channel. (Custora)

Brace yourselves: Black Friday (and the avalanche of email) is coming. But as this stat shows, it works, and there are several steps you can take to make sure yours stands out.




Seen any recent marketing stats that made you stop and pay attention? Share away in the comments! 



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