9 emails that set off fireworks in our inbox

McKenzie Gregory


Sifting through our inboxes, we couldn’t help but be impressed with some of the top-notch emails that poured in over the long weekend.

Independence Day is a marketer’s delight: It allows us to play around with our email design, evoke a sense of patriotism in the U.S. segments of our audience, and incorporate some seasonal goodies into the mix. Plus, it presents the perfect opportunity for a mid-summer sale. After all, what’s more American than some good, old-fashioned capitalism?

These emails were the best of the patriotic bunch this year. Check ‘em out!



Brightening up the inbox with dazzling GIFs

The most noticeable trend in this year’s Independence Day emails? There were fireworks GIFs galore, from the subtle (like these examples from Rent the Runway and Wedding Paper Divas)…





…to the super elaborate, like this firecracker of an example from Bonobos.



The GIF action wasn’t limited to fireworks, though. Brands found GIF-spiration in everything from dripping popsicles to wavy pools. We especially liked the GIF in this scrumptious email from Loft.




Red, white, and bold color schemes

Using red, white, and blue in your July 4th campaign is a bit of a no-brainer. But these brands did a fantastic job using the color scheme to make their emails pop without losing their own brand aesthetic in the process.

We especially loved this one from Xenith (they get bonus points for copy oozing with American spirit)…



… and this one from West Elm. The bold color scheme immediately signaled it was a 4th of July promo, but it still looked and felt like a West Elm campaign.




Unique approaches to a heavy send day

Still, other brands broke away from the trends (and stood apart from the competition) by doing their own thing.

In this example, Loft took the unique approach of sending a “4th of July style guide” that walked you through which of their outfits were the best choices for different holiday festivities (yes, their July 4th campaigns were so nice we featured them twice).



This gorgeous illustration in REI’s Independence Day promo immediately caught our eyes. Using that sort of high-quality custom graphic helped them differentiate themselves in a sea of stock photos and blah imagery.



And this send from Jimmy John’s couldn’t have looked more patriotic. After all, what says “U.S.A.” better than bright fireworks against a black-as-night background?




See any awesome July 4th campaigns we missed? Share away in the comments (we’re partial to anything involving GIFs or Rocky IV references)!


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