8 tips for growing a healthy email marketing list

Tyler Sutton

As a marketer, having a strong email marketing list is an essential tool for connecting with customers, meeting sales targets, and achieving success. When someone joins your email list, they are giving you direct access to a channel they check every day!

In fact, studies have shown that many people check their smartphones for new emails, texts, and social media updates before they even get out of bed. That’s a pretty personal relationship right there. Of course, building that relationship is easier said than done.

Governments from around the world have enacted anti-spam laws that set rules around how companies can interact with customers or potential customers. These laws can cover everything from how companies receive consent for sending commercial messages, what the messages must contain, what they cannot contain, and more.

Essentially, marketers have to wear their marketing and legal department hats as they grow and use their email marketing list. The wrong step could result in major fines. The right steps, however, can turn into a massive success for your business.

To help you build a strong email marketing list, we have compiled some of the best tips to ensure your list delivers the results you hope for. An engaged base of customers that you can market to directly is a great source of interested buyers.

8 tips to grow your email marketing list

1. Build your own list from scratch.

A quick search online will reveal that you can easily purchase an email marketing list that consists of thousands of email addresses. Growing your email marketing list fast with a few clicks of a mouse sounds enticing, right? This may seem tempting, but there are a couple reasons that you should avoid this at all costs.

First, emailing the people on this list may land you in hot water with regards to anti-spam laws. You should never send email marketing messages to anyone who has not opted in to receiving your emails.

There is also no way to verify the quality of the contacts within the email list you have purchased. Do they fit your target demographic? Are they located in the region where you do business? Are the email addresses even still in use?

Aside from legal obligations, there is also the risk your company begins the relationship poorly. Unsolicited messages are often unwelcome, annoying, and end up getting deleted without even being read.

Most importantly, growing your list organically is your best bet for creating a list of subscribers who are actually interested in the content you have to offer. Not only does this bode well for your opens and click-through rates but it also has huge ramifications on your email marketing ROI.

2. Create an offer they can’t refuse.

When trying to get someone to opt into your email marketing list, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and ask yourself, “why?” Why would someone agree to receive emails from your business?

Create an offer that people can take advantage of in return for joining your email list. Some marketers use free e-book downloads to grab the attention of subscribers while others offer discount coupons. No matter what method you use to develop your own offer, a compelling offer will always beat no offer at all.


3. Promise exclusive content.

Does your website offer information or articles that continue to draw people in? Convince your dedicated fans to subscribe to your email marketing list by offering email-only content. This could be a weekly blog or article that only email subscribers have access to.

If you are creating great content that is earning views and clicks from people already, it stands to reason that they would enjoy receiving more of that content.

Best of all, the content is delivered right to their email inbox! It’s a simple, effective way to turn your existing followers, fan, and customers into email subscribers.


4. Make it easy to sign up.

Visitors to your website and social media pages should not have to search very long for a link or form where they can sign up to join your email marketing list. Are you making your sign up process simple or are you sending your potential customers on a treasure hunt?

For example, inserting a sign-up link at the end of every blog is a simple way to reach your visitors. If someone has spent the time to read an entire blog or article on your website then there is a good opportunity to convert them into an email subscriber. Make the conversion while you have their attention rather than hoping they find your subscription link elsewhere.

Other great places to include sign up links are YouTube or Vimeo videos, or even the “call to action” button on your Facebook page. There are a variety of tools that are simple and easy to use. All of them can deliver amazing results.

5. Test different types of copy.

Are you running a promotion, offer, or campaign to increase the subscribers in your email marketing list? You should be A/B testing your campaign copy to see what gets the best response from viewers. Does a certain way of wording your offer seem to be more effective than other ways? A/B testing will reveal this and allow you to focus on the most successful strategy.

A/B testing can continue after you have a healthy email list as well. Test different styles of email copy and track which style earns the most clicks, sales, or conversions.

6. Collect email addresses in person.

When many people think of building an email marketing list, they think about online methods of building their list. However, many businesses still have some form of physical presence. Does your company attend trade shows, hold events, or have their own brick and mortar location? These are opportunities to connect with people and get their email address.

You could combine this tip with tips 2 or 3 by creating a special offer for people you connect with in-person to take the step of signing up for your email marketing list.

7. Create appealing email campaigns.

Part of growing a healthy email list is avoiding attrition. How do you prevent existing email subscribers from unsubscribing while you continue to grow your list? Create personalized, appealing email campaigns.

Put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers for a moment. Would you rather receive emails that look nice and appeal to your own interests or would you rather receive poorly designed emails that you have no interest in? The answer should be pretty obvious.

Use exciting images, effective copy, and target your subscribers based on their personal interests. These seemingly obvious steps will go a long way in maintaining your email subscriber list. Growth simply cannot be achieved if you are losing subscribers as quickly as you are convincing them to sign up.


8. Use your social media channels.

There is no rule that says a Facebook or Twitter follower cannot also be an email subscriber. The more channels of communication you can have with your clients, the better. If they miss an important Facebook update, you can ensure the message reaches them via email.

Share a link to your email marketing list sign-up page in the bio of your social media profiles. Regularly include the link in Tweets or Facebook updates to help your followers connect with you through email. The people that engage with you on social media are prime candidates to become great email subscribers.

Wrap up

Put these tips into action and you will start seeing your email marketing list grow. Most importantly, the people you are converting into email subscribers are people who could turn into very valuable clients. These aren’t random email subscribers with no interest in what you have to offer.

Of course, now that you have a healthy email marketing list, you need to ensure that you are reaching those subscribers with great email content.

With Emma, you can create targeted, effective, and beautiful email campaigns that will capture the attention of the people on your email marketing list. Combine a great list with great content and you have a recipe for success. Want to see how you can take your email marketing to the next level? Reach out to our team today.

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