8 brands that have mastered GIFs in email


We’re all about animated GIFs in email. The savviest, most ahead-of-the-curve brands consistently use them for a reason – they increase click rates 42%, conversion rates 103%, and revenue 109% (MarketingSherpa). Today’s marketers aren’t just using GIFs because they’re trendy; they’re using them because they actually work.

In fact, there are a few brands whose emails we always open simply because we know that, more likely than not, they’ll contain some cool GIF action. So here's a shout out to eight brands whose GIF game is always on point. Check 'em out!

(Pro tip: Some email clients, like Outlook, don't support animated GIFs. But if you make sure the first frame of your GIF looks good as a static image, you should be able to successfully avoid any rendering mishaps.)



1. Gramovox

Gramovox really knows how to use animated GIFs to promote their products' capabilities. Their Floating Record’s whole selling point (aside from the fact that it’s just plain cool) is the awesome, hypnotizing effect it has when moving. And this GIF allows them to show that off in a way that’s well-designed, eye-catching, and useful to subscribers.




2. Loft

Nearly every email from Loft features some sort of GIF action. A lot of the time, it's much more involved than this, but we have a soft spot for this incredibly simple animation from one of their recent Valentine’s Day promotions. It’s enough motion to capture attention without being overwhelming, and the flashing “This isn’t” conveys just the right amount of urgency.




3. OrderUp

OrderUp does an excellent job with something that’s becoming more and more common as app-based companies continue to rise in popularity (and influence): GIFs as a method of displaying interaction with an app on a smartphone or tablet. This one is a little less literal than some of the others that we’ve seen, but we like the way it effectively communicates the message of the email for people who are just scanning rather than actually reading (aka, most of us).




4. Kate Spade

Kate Spade is one of those brands that just really knows how to nail it with email marketing; that’s the reason they show up on our blog so often! But they’re especially great with GIFs. Though subtle, this GIF from Kate Spade is easily one of our favorites from the past few months. First of all, the idea of a purse that charges your phone is just too good to resist. Plus, it’s an amazing use of animation to demonstrate the utility and value of a product.




5. Houston Zoo

Can you even? This was such a cute way for the Houston Zoo to thank their donors. It had the quality of an e-card without the cheesiness-factor and, by remaining solely focused on a message of gratitude (rather than asking for more money or making other requests), the Zoo displayed a lot of respect for their subscribers – and their inboxes. And the best part? They're a nonprofit that's utilizing the same marketing strategies as retail brands to reach their goals... and doing an incredible job in the process! 




6. Boden

This 360-degree spotlight on a Boden backpack is a useful idea for any retailer. Why use separate images to show off different views of your product when you can make subscribers feel as if they’re actually in your store, handling the product themselves? It’s a simple tactic sure to produce big results.




7. Uber

Uber is one of those brands that other brands look to for marketing inspiration, and their emails make it clear why. This fireworks GIF had us… well, shooting off fireworks of our own. Uber never fails to impress with killer design.




8. Poncho

One of our staffers signed up for this weather app out of pure curiosity, and we all were pleasantly surprised by how fun their emails are. The main purpose of their messages is to keep people updated on changes to their app, but they make sure to present them in a fun way that tells a story. Besides, how great is that mascot?



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