72 new template designs that’ll make email marketing easier than ever

Your time is important.

There are only so many hours in the day, and far too many of them are taken up by tasks you’d rather avoid. Sitting in traffic. Waiting in line at the DMV. Dutifully listening to your great aunt so-and-so yammer on the phone for thirty minutes straight about how you never call.

Our point? If you’re feeling over-scheduled and overwhelmed—and who isn’t these days?—it’s important to take advantage of things that make your life a little easier.

With the introduction of our brand new email templates, our design team has done the heavy lifting for you and made creating beautiful emails virtually effortless. We’ve combined the unbeatable style you’ve come to know and love with easier customization, allowing you to save precious time without ever having to worry about sacrificing quality.

All of the new templates are as close to send-ready as possible. Simply add your logo, swap in an image of choice (or not) and tweak the pre-written copy so it’s just right. You’ll be able to check email marketing off of your to-do list in record time.

As for the phone calls from your cranky great aunt, well… you’re still on your own.

Here’s a look at some of the fresh new templates:


Embrace your softer side: The Nurturing Series Collection

Forming a connection with your subscribers is a lot like dating. You don’t want to come on too strong, but you do have to keep making an effort to woo the object of your affection if you ever want to reach a long-term commitment. This series of templates will help you tactfully create strong brand relationships without spiraling into Travis-Bickle-stalker status.


Show off your hospitality: The Welcome Series Collection

That first impression means everything. In fact, the average open rate for welcome emails is a whopping 50%, so automate the templates in this collection to send automatically when someone new joins your list. It’s a great way to introduce your brand, welcome them to your community and maybe give them a special offer—they’ll surely appreciate all the warm hospitality. 


Make them an offer they can’t refuse: The Coupon Collection

You asked, we delivered. Send out your very best deals and watch your sales skyrocket; everyone knows that the best gifts come in beautiful, responsive, click-friendly packages.


Inspire action with compelling content: The Video Collection

Did you know that adding video to your email campaigns can increase click rates by 300%? This collection makes incorporating video content into your mailings as straightforward as possible. Simply enter a Youtube or Vimeo URL, and you’ll be able to instantly share engaging video content with your subscribers.


Avoid missed connections: The Re-Engagement Collection

Sustained engagement is essential for building a loyal audience and maintaining a healthy list. If your subscribers have been slipping through the cracks, drop them a quick, friendly note using one of these Re-Engagement templates (and consider including some content that’ll get them excited to come back into the fold!).



Not only do we have these five brand new collections, but we’ve also sprinkled new templates into some of your existing favorites. Log in to your Emma account to see them all!

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McKenzie Gregory is a senior content manager on Emma’s marketing team. A Nashville native, she can be found covering all things email on the Emma blog, debating hyphenation rules, and watching obscene amounts of Netflix without a trace of shame.

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