Some of our all-time favorite travel email examples

McKenzie Gregory

Article first published June 2017, updated January 2019.

Email design and strategy inspiration from top travel brands 

It’s (almost) officially summertime, which means it’s prime season for exotic vacations and weekend getaways. It also means that marketers in the travel industry are working harder than ever to beat out the competition and win over last-minute planners in the inbox. 
Here, we’ve gathered some of our all-time favorite travel email examples. Sit back, dream of far-off destinations, and enjoy! 

1. Airbnb

Airbnb always nails the subscriber experience, but I particularly loved this recent send that featured a scrolling carousel of their "experiences." From the compelling subject line to the bold, clean design, I was instantly interested and knew this wasn’t just a business-as-usual campaign.  


2. JetBlue

JetBlue blows other airlines out of the water with their conversational copy and mobile-responsive, scrollable sends. This one is particularly smart because it features a list of options all centered around a single theme: Travel destinations you don’t need a passport to go to. It keeps the message focused even though there are multiple paths you can follow.  



3. Koloa Landing 

This stellar automated welcome email is absolutely gorgeous from a design standpoint, sure – but it's also impressive from a strategy perspective. It fires off immediately after someone signs up for Koloa Landing's email list and asks the new subscriber to "introduce themselves" by setting up their preferences. It's a brilliant way to start sending relevant, personalized messaging from the get-go. 


4. The Clymb

Something to remember when designing email for a travel brand? Lead with imagery above all else. Chances are, you already have gorgeous photo assets you can use to paint a dreamy picture for your subscribers of the feeling they'd get at different destinations. Tell that story with bold, high-quality photos to evoke an emotional response and incite action. 



6. Jetsetter 

Sometimes, simple is best. This email from Jetsetter eliminates distraction by making the path here a simple choice: Choose a destination that interests you from this no-fuss group of tiles. By reducing friction, you'll increase the chances of your subscribers taking action and clicking through to your website. 



7. Hipmunk 

Big thanks to our friends at Really Good Emails for sharing this example and introducing me to this fantastic brand! Hipmunk has a unique brand and voice, and that rings clear in this welcome email. The playful illustrations help you quickly understand the gist of the message without having to actually read any of it, and it all comes together with a single, contrasting CTA button at the bottom. 


8. Southwest

Southwest sends a really great annual summary to its Rapid Rewards customers to remind them of their trips taken and points earned over the last year. Take a look:

Seen any other great travel email examples in your own inbox? Feel free to share them in the comments section!

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