7 email stats you'll want to quote in your next meeting

McKenzie Gregory


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (and again, and again) – email marketing truly works. It’s one of the most effective channels you can use to drive your audience toward conversion, and the numbers prove it: Email boasts an insane ROI of 4300%, and 77% of consumers name it as their #1 preferred channel to receive marketing communications.

But the world of email marketing is also constantly evolving. So to fully optimize your email program, you have to stay up to date on all the latest data around what consumers want, which new tools and strategies are proving the most successful, and how to maintain your competitive edge in the inbox.

Here are seven fresh email stats from around the marketing landscape. Use them when planning your email strategy or maybe just bring them up to sound super smart in your next meeting (we won’t tell where you got them).



1. While 75% of global marketers consider using video an effective email strategy, only 40% are actually doing it (Salesforce). twitter-logo

So what? This presents a massive opportunity for marketers: Today’s consumers love video, so using it in your email marketing is great way to distinguish yourself from competitors who haven’t caught up…. especially if you’re a little creative. Video can be a great way to showcase new products or even add a little personality to the sales process. Just be sure to consider best practices – like linking a screenshot to a landing page rather than embedding video directly – before jumping right in.


2. Email marketers ranked increasing subscriber engagement their number one prority in 2016 – three spots above growing their list (StrongView). twitter-logo

So what? Gone are the days of marketers just blasting as many people as possible. They’re now more focused on creating quality, personalized interactions with their subscribers. In fact, improving segmentation and targeting ranked as the second-most important initiative for the email marketers surveyed. And because the changing digital landscape has fundamentally transformed the traditional sales funnel, brands are much more concerned with the overall customer experience than singular points of conversion.


3. According to a survey from Fluent, 35% of respondents said that receiving emails too often was their main reason for unsubscribing. twitter-logo

So what? Many brands send MUCH too frequently (especially in the retail space – you know who you are), alienating otherwise interested and engaged subscribers. The majority of respondents from this survey said that their preferred send frequency was once a week, so that’s a good starting point. But simply listening to your subscriber’s preferences by keeping track of their response history is the best way to gauge how often to communicate with them. Another solid rule of thumb: Only send when you have something to say that will be valuable to your subscribers, never just for the sake of it.


4. Today’s consumers are more actively working to protect their privacy – most commonly by avoiding opening emails from unknown email addresses (55%) (Ipsos). twitter-logo

So what? Though often neglected, your “from” name holds a lot of power in determining your email marketing success. If it isn’t recognizable, there’s a solid chance your emails will get deleted or ignored. Today’s subscribers are increasingly wary, so if they don’t realize it’s you they’re hearing from, they’ll most likely delete your message or, worse, report it as spam. In most cases, it’s best to stick with your brand’s name or the name of a figurehead you KNOW your subscribers will recognize.


5. According to an Ascend2 survey, increasing email list quality ranks as a more important goal than increasing list size. 55% of respondents report that their email list is growing, but only 46% say their list quality is increasing. twitter-logo

So what? Your list size is not as important as having an audience of interested, engaged subscribers. Your focus should be quality over quantity. So instead of gathering as many subscribers as possible, work to attract the right kind of people to your list. And, if you’ve noticed a large portion of your audience has stopped engaging with your emails, it might be time to say goodbye.


6. Roughly 1 in 10 (9%) of commercial emails sent by brands in 2015 were deleted without being read (Return Path). twitter-logo

So what? You have to do everything you can to compel your subscribers to open right when they see your email in their inbox – after all, you can’t communicate a message very effectively if no one’s reading it. So read up on best practices for optimizing your send times, from name, subject lines, preheader text…. all of the elements that contribute to that initial decision to open.


7. Including the word “newsletter” in your email subject lines decreases the click-through rate by 30% (Circle S Studio). twitter-logo

So what? Time for a little tough love: It’s long past time for your brand to move beyond the newsletter. There’s nothing wrong with sending out an occasional content digest, but the word “newsletter” evokes walls of text no one has the time (or patience) to read through – especially on mobile. Keep things streamlined and be sure to mix it up with different types of content rather than sending out the same format week after week.



Seen any other interesting, recent marketing stats we should add to the mix? Share them in the comments!


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