6 content ideas for your welcome email


Okay, here’s the bad news first: Two months after joining your list, the likelihood of a subscriber opening your emails falls as much as 25% (MarketingSherpa).

The good news? You can prevent that fall off with a few simple steps, like working to develop customer loyalty early on in your relationship with new subscribers. They're most interested in what you have to say right after they've joined your list, yet many businesses still don't send the all-important welcome email.

Maybe you just haven't gotten around to it. As someone who just cleaned a '90s-era Sega Genesis out of her closet, I completely understand.

That's why I rounded up a few from my own inbox. Find some inspiration here for a welcome email style that suits your goals. Then, let me know if you want to buy a very well-stored Sega Genesis console.



Send a personal letter

When they feel like a heartfelt note from one person to another (and not a corporate press release with a signature at the bottom), letters are one of my favorite ways to hear from brands. This works particularly well for groups with compelling startup histories, involved CEOs, or recognizable figureheads. If you have to convince your CEO to write it, it might not be the best fit.




Maximize your touch points

If someone wants your emails, chances are good that they're interested in other things you have to offer. These welcome notes capitalize on that initial interest and invite new subscribers to engage more deeply by exploring your content and connecting with you through different channels. It's a great idea if your website is full of oldie-but-goodie blog posts, you have a well-developed social presence, or you have some fun interactive stuff in your back pocket.




Ask ‘em for more info

Subscribers appreciate receiving emails tailored to their individual needs and interests, so why not ask for the data you need to make that happen in your welcome note? Most people will happily take a moment to set their preferences, and you’ll see a huge boost in results because of it.






Offer something special

A special gift for new subscribers is a nice way of saying "thank you" to folks for letting you into their inboxes. And it's often a strong incentive to get people to join in the first place. Discounts and free stuff are an obvious choice if you're in retail, but those of you in the B2B crowd can also give away consultations or free guides.




Let others sing your praises

Instead of tooting your own horn, include some quotes from happy customers about how much they love your brand. It’ll show new subscribers why they should stick around without making you look too self-congratulatory – plus, social proof is incredibly powerful stuff.




Outline some next steps

Someone has signed up for your list – now what? Don’t just wait around for them to raise their hands and decide to take action. Outlining a few logical next steps helps seamlessly guide them down the path to conversion.






Oh, and whether you choose one content style or combine a couple into some kind of mutant welcome superhero, here are a few more things to include in a welcome note:

• A reminder for people to add your “from" name to their address book

• A bit of copy setting expectations for frequency and content

• An acknowledgment of how they signed up (from a recent purchase, web form, etc.)

• Contact information, just in case they want to reach out



What else do you think belongs in a great welcome note? If you're sending one already, share your strategy with us!


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