4 simple ways to boost email engagement

McKenzie Gregory

Has your subscriber engagement experienced a bit of a dip?
First of all: Don’t panic. Even though low click rates can make any email marketer’s heart run cold, it's natural for your audience to tune you out every now and again. Plus, there are a few simple fixes you can count on to shoot those metrics back in the right direction and boost your conversions like never before. 
Here are a few of our favorite go-to strategies when our email audience needs a nudge. 

1. Ask for audience feedback

It's a bit of a no-brainer: If your audience has stopped engaging with your emails, one of the easiest ways to figure out what’s turning them away is to simply ask them. 
Our client The Dessy Group wanted to make sure they were sending disengaged subscribers the right sort of content and offers, so they sent this email. And since all the recipient had to do was click a button, it generated invaluable subscriber feedback with minimal friction. 
Even if people don’t immediately respond to a mailing like this, it makes them more likely to respond later down the road: A study by Return Path found that 45% of recipients who received emails like this read subsequent messages.
And the ones who DO respond? You get an instant confirmation that yes, they’re paying attention – you just haven't been hitting the right notes. Then, you can use the results of the mailing to segment further and serve them really relevant content they’ll actually want to engage with. 


2. Send a replenishment email

Subscription-based e-commerce has blown up in a big way, but it also has a fatal flaw: It’s difficult to bring in new revenue from existing customers after they’ve set up their recurring order. 
Dollar Shave Club does a fantastic job of generating sales by sending emails like this. It reminds customers their order is coming and allows them to add in a few extras. And since they can purchase directly from the mailing, it’s about as frictionless as buying experiences get. 
This type of mailing isn't just for retailers: It's also popular with non-profits and universities hoping to bring in extra funds for a specific campaign.
If someone signs up to give to your organization on a recurring basis, there's a good chance they "set it and forget it." To gain their support for a new cause, simply mail your recurring donors to see if they’d be willing to increase their giving for the special project. You’ll be amazed how many respond! 


3. Recover abandoned shopping carts

Shopping cart abandonment messages are some of the most effective emails you’ll ever send. According to Marketing Sherpa, contacts re-engaged through abandoned cart emails spend 55 percent more than the abandoned-cart total when they return to websites!
These emails don’t have to be utilitarian. Instead, make the most of them to create a positive brand impression and get people to interact with your future mailings.