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McKenzie Gregory

Not to brag (ok, maybe to brag a little bit)…. but we have some crazy smart customers. Some of the best marketers in the industry claim Emma as their ESP of choice, and we couldn’t be more proud of the fantastic work they’re doing. It’s been a while since we’ve shared their success stories on the blog, so take a look at these four Emma customers and the tactics they've used to achieve some seriously impressive results.



Tito’s Vodka: Ask for more info, create better segments

After new subscribers make it through their automated welcome series, the Tito’s Vodka team smartly asks them to update their profile information in an email like this:



Using that extra bit of info, plus response data like which subscribers have recently opened or clicked, the team has been able to send super personalized emails to more targeted groups of people... and they’re getting the results to match.

Their most recent “Mockingbird Gazette” mailing (a monthly newsletter sent to a small segment of their audience) boasted 90% opens and 36% clicks – pretty unbelievable results. And the one before that did just as well: 82% opens, 55% clicks!

The moral of the story? Sending targeted emails to small segments works. Big time. It’s something the smartest marketers out there – like the ones at Tito's – are taking advantage of to get the best results possible. We can all raise our glasses to that.



Visit Philly: Let images tell the story

Reconciling a whole bunch of content with gorgeous email design may feel like an impossible task, but the smart folks at Visit Philly found the perfect solution.

They serve up articles to prospective visitors about all the latest things to do, see, taste, and experience in Philly. And since their blog posts tend to include a lot of information, they have to find a way to communicate it all that doesn’t feel too overwhelming in the inbox.

Their smart strategy? Let headlines and images speak for them.




People have much stronger responses to visual stimuli than they do to text, so instead of describing all the cool things going on in Philadelphia, they show them off in an image-heavy, scrollable tile format. And it really works: This send scored an impressive 32% click rate!

Their success is proof that sharpening your email strategy to align with best practices (like including more images, designing for the mobile inbox, and using tappable CTAs) leads to boosted engagement.



Car Talk: Optimize for the small screen

The beloved radio show Car Talk – hosted by brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi for nearly three decades on NPR – continues to live on and connect with fans through digital channels. But as their listeners’ habits have evolved over the years, they’ve had to evolve, too!

“Recently, we did a complete overhaul of our email template to make it more mobile-friendly,” said Digital Producer Doug Mayer. "We went from promoting a bunch of different stories with a lot of different links to basically focusing on one call to action each week. It really streamlined the look and feel of the newsletter, and the mobile-friendly format helped us improve our engagement."

Here’s a look at the difference:





Sleek, huh? Mayer credits their design and development team with thinking through a smart approach to the new template. It’s much easier to navigate and includes true CTA buttons, but it still maintains that same Car Talk feel their audience knows and loves.

Thanks to the new design, plus the fact that it’s mobile-friendly, Car Talk has seen a lot of positive growth. The new template has increased their click rates by nearly 20%!



Element74: Connect with new subscribers from the very start

Currently, Element74 – a marketing agency out of Cape Girardeau, MO – focuses the bulk of their email efforts on one client in particular: Christopher Columbus Condos, a gorgeous beachfront property in the Cayman Islands. When they first started managing Christopher Columbus’s email marketing, the team decided to implement a three-week long nurturing series for new guests who book a stay at the property.

“We send the series to everyone who schedules a trip with us: It includes three automated emails that fire off 3 weeks, 2 weeks, and 1 week before that person's vacation. We include things like tips for using your phone in the Cayman Islands, whether or not you should rent a car, profiles on the staff, and so on."

It’s truly helpful content, and it’s working: We’re talking about an average 77.9% open rate and 53.2% click rate. Yep, really. Here’s a look at the response dashboard for the series:



Another dead giveaway they’re doing things right? The third email is the best-performing one, meaning subscribers are excited to open and click after getting valuable content in the first two mailings.



There are more great tips where these came from. Meet more Emma customers (and read their success stories) here.


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