3 ways to use our new Landing Page builder

McKenzie Gregory


A primer on Emma landing pages 

At our Marketing United conference, we were over-the-moon excited to announce the official launch of our Landing Page builder
It allows you to create gorgeous landing pages as easily as you can make an email in our drag-and-drop editor. Simply build your landing page, hit “publish,” and you’ve got a shareable link perfect for accepting traffic from all your channels!

Why landing pages?

You might be wondering, "Why would I use Emma landing pages and not just send traffic directly to my website?"
We created the Landing Page builder to solve a few specific pain points for our customers:
Financial resources: Many of our customers (especially in the university and nonprofit space) don't have a dedicated web developer on their marketing team. Instead, they have to contract out website work, which gets very expensive very quickly. Emma landing pages help them save precious financial resources and dedicate them to other marketing activities. 
Manpower: Even for customers who DO have a dedicated web developer, often that person doesn't have the bandwidth to develop one-off landing pages for special initiatives, like an event or limited time promotion. Emma's Landing Page builder empowers anyone to quickly publish a professional-looking landing page without the help of a developer. 
Bureaucracy: If you work for a large organization, you can empathize with the pain of having to go through a million approvals to change a single semicolon on your website, let alone build an entire landing page. Emma landing pages allow you to be more nimble with your marketing by putting you in the driver's seat and eliminating that exhaustive approval process. 
Seamless lead generation: Since Emma landing pages can host signup forms, they provide the perfect way for our customers to send traffic to gated content pieces and grow their email lists with contests and other promotions. 

3 ways to use Emma landing pages 

To help acquaint you with our landing pages, our brand team mocked up a few ways WANDR (an outdoor store) might use them to grow their business. Check 'em out! 
• If WANDR wants to drive attendance to an in-person event...
Let's say WANDR is hosting a series of rock climbing classes at their Portland location. By having people sign up through this landing page, they can seamlessly add the registrants to their Emma account and send those people a special automated welcome series about the program. 
• If  WANDR  wants people to download their app... 
We love email, but we also understand it doesn't represent your entire marketing ecosystem.  In fact, it's most effective when it works in harmony with your other customer touchpoints. Here, WANDR uses an Emma landing page to draw people to their app, even offering a sweet incentive (free shipping for life) to help encourage downloads. 
• If  WANDR wants to promote a limited-time sale... 
The WANDR team wants to hold a last-minute Summer Camping Sale to boost revenue for Q2. With little time to plan or design assets, Emma landing pages enable them to quickly put together a compelling promo page to accompany the campaign.


As you can see, the possibilities with Emma landing pages are endless. If you want to take the Landing Page builder for a spin, it's available today for all Emma Plus and Enterprise account types.

Not a current customer? Get a demo of an Emma account today!


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