3 ways to hit your email marketing goals faster

Emma Mathews

I’m Emma (yes, really), and as a specialist on our Services Team, I work with clients every day to identify gaps in their email strategy and find solutions to help them be successful. I love helping marketers find ways to achieve their goals, so here are a few proven tips that will help you check off those goals a little faster.

1. Give your new subscribers a warm welcome

Sending a welcome email is Email Marketing 101 – after all, 80% of brands send them (Return Path) – but too many brands aren’t making the most of this initial touchpoint.

The thing is, new subscribers are the most engaged and dialed in to what you have to say. So why not take advantage of this honeymoon period by doing more than just sending a simple confirmation or thank you email?

Create a beautiful branded email that provides new subscribers with a discount or some exclusive piece of content that drives traffic back to your site. Or better yet, create a whole automated series of welcome emails to really kick things off on the right foot. By giving them something of value, you’re not only making a great first impression, but you’re also increasing the likelihood that they’ll pay attention to future emails.

Watch your response metrics after every test to see what's working best.


They’ll be some of the most effective emails you ever send. Welcome emails have 4x the open rate and 5x the clickthrough rate of standard newsletters (Experian). Plus, people who receive welcome emails show 33% more long-term engagement with that brand (Chief Marketer).

Now those are numbers that'll help you hit and go beyond your marketing goals.

2. Get to know your audience

After that initial welcome, it’s time to get to know your audience a little better. Here are a few tried and true ways you can go about it.

Allow subscribers to manage preferences. By including this link in the footer, you can learn when and how often subscribers want to hear from you. That way you can be sure you’re sending and reaching them at the right time.

Test, test and then test again. If you want better results, testing is your friend. You can (and should) test pretty much everything with your email marketing. Try different subject lines, from names and send times. Use different imagery, layouts or CTA button copy. Then keep a close eye on your response metrics so you can optimize your emails to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.


Just ask. Wonder if something is or isn’t working for your audience? Send them a quick survey. Just keep it short, don’t do it too often, and you’re bound to get some great feedback you can use in future emails.

This will all help you send better, more relevant content to your subscribers. And with so much marketing noise bombarding your subscribers every day, relevance is the key to crushing those marketing goals. 56% of people unsubscribe from email lists due to content that’s no longer relevant (Chadwick Martin Bailey).

3. Create a mobile-optimized design that stands out in the inbox

We all love emails that have clean layouts and beautiful, eye-catching imagery, but nowadays, great design is also about making emails easier to scan and engage with on a mobile device. There’s no quicker way to sabotage your goals than to send email that’s not mobile-optimized – 80% of people will simply delete an email if it doesn’t look good on a smart phone (Blue Hornet).

When in doubt, design for the small screen first. An email that looks gorgeous on a smart phone will also look good on a tablet or desktop. Or even better, use an email template that’s already mobile-optimized for you. It’ll save you a ton of time and give you peace of mind that your email will look as great as you intended regardless of where your subscribers are viewing it.

And be sure to get help when you need it

Here at Emma, we have a whole team of experts that’s dedicated to helping you and your team reach your marketing goals. Whether that’s design help, strategic consultation or creating a whole automated series, we’ll find a solution that helps you do your best email marketing ever. Just get in touch!

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