2017 Emmy nominees who already won the inbox


As you may have heard, the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday. With so many incredible nominees this year, we’re excited to see who walks away victorious. But regardless of who ends up taking home the honors, we already know who's won the most important prize: the inbox. 

Three of this year’s Emmy nominees truly know how to drum up excitement with email marketing. Here are some of their awe-inspiring promo campaigns from this year, plus the awards we think they deserve for their fantastic emails. 

Most likely to produce chills: House of Cards

Subject line: A message from President Underwood 
House of Cards has always been great at capturing attention in the inbox, but they usually do so with ahead-of-the-curve design elements. This year, the went a different route. 
To help promote season five, they sent an email from President Frank Underwood himself. With a clean letterhead template, incredible copywriting, and the incorporation of their killer campaign video, this email had us all completely geeking out. 

Best animated GIF in email: Handmaid’s Tale 

Subject line: Come Back Now and Watch ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ 

See the live email on Litmus Scope

This year, Hulu gave Netflix a run for its email design money with this incredible promotion for "Handmaid's Tale." With that chilling GIF of Elizabeth Moss above the fold, a clear and direct CTA, and compelling social proof, this was one of the most effective re-engagement campaigns we’ve ever seen. 

Most immersive experience: Westworld 

If you caught our post a few months ago about Alien: Covenant’s incredible email campaign, you already know we’re all about brands that create immersive experiences in the inbox.
Westworld did just that by setting up a site promoting their fictional theme park ahead of their series premiere. First, people were invited to come fill out a slick, interactive survey to determine the ideal Westworld experience for them.
After filling out the survey, they were greeted by this email from Delos (the parent company of Westworld) in their inbox.
From name: Delos Destinations (host@discoverwestworld.com)
Subject line: Your Westworld request 
It helped draw people in and highlight the exclusivity of the fictional park. And since it made you wait for your results, recipients were encouraged to open future emails. 

Next, recipients were greeted with this email from their assigned park guide. 
From name: Aeden at Westworld (host@discoverwestworld.com)
Subject line: Congratulations. Your Westworld experience awaits. 
The CTA button routed to another interactive page that highlighted an area of the park based on your survey results and told you what to expect during your stay. 
Finally, leading up to the premiere, recipients received weekly newsletters full of park updates and content. 
From name: Aeden from Westworld (host@discoverwestworld.com)
Subject line: Your Westworld Weekly 
It made it feel as if Westworld was a real travel destination, and altogether, the experience helped keep people engaged and interested as they awaited the premiere of the show. 

Hats off to the teams behind these three shows for endlessly creative and engaging emails! It just goes to show that the inbox continues to be an effective channel for capturing attention and staying top-of-mind for an audience – and that the best brands out there understand the power of email marketing. 

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