12 emails that completely captivated us

McKenzie Gregory


It’s that time again: We’ve compiled a roundup of the latest and greatest emails to hit our inbox over the past few weeks. All these brands deserve a high five (or at least a slow, appreciative head nod) for some seriously solid marketing. Check out their sends – you might just find inspiration for your next campaign!



1. Paul Mitchell

Have hair products ever made you feel this downtrodden? Sending a re-engagement email like this is a really effective strategy – by tugging on their subscribers’ heart strings, Paul Mitchell reminds people why they signed up to hear from them in the first place and helps bring lapsed customers back into the fold.




2. Madewell

…what? What is the thing that's happening?! This super vague email from Madewell made it pretty much impossible not to click and find out.




3. Unionmade Goods

Talk about showing off your products in a creative way! We absolutely loved the design of this spring footwear promotion from Unionmade Goods – it stood out in a crowded inbox with a cool, scrollable image and a singular call to action.




4. Stitch Fix

A gorgeous header above the fold + a numbered list + plenty of white space = an instant email marketing win in our book.




5. Loft

With a compelling GIF and an even better sale, Loft definitely drew us in with this April Fool’s Day campaign. Plus, we loved that they included bonus content (the spring horoscopes) that had nothing to do with sales or special offers. It’s something that a lot of retail brands forget to do, but it’s a great way to build brand loyalty and get people excited about your emails.




6. Birchbox

This dual-CTA message from Birchbox was one of the best we’ve ever seen. It puts the subscriber in control of their experience without making the email appear too busy or unfocused.




7. Uberflip

As far as B2B emails go, this one from Uberflip does an incredible job of being both well-designed and appropriate for the B2B space. Plus, that big ‘ol CTA button at the bottom? It’s a conversion driving machine.




8. J. Crew Factory

J. Crew Factory always sends fantastic emails, but we especially liked this one that featured a bright, rainbow GIF advertising a 40% off sale. It instantly captured our attention and added an element of fun to the design.




9. Huckberry

This email from Huckberry does a great job of telling a story by combining several design elements that work well together: a compelling header, an old-school graphic, and a screenshot of a video.




10. West Elm

Another fabulous send from West Elm – not only does it showcase a dining table I had already looked at on their website, it invites me to come back and finish shopping with a heartfelt “We miss you” and an extra discount to sweeten the deal.




11. Circles Co.

This email from Circles Co. fully embraces the scroll with an extra-long message about a special giveaway. We especially love the social share buttons on the bottom and how well they’re integrated into the overall design.




12. Jack Threads

Joining Jack Threads’ email list just feels like becoming part of the cool kids club – especially with messaging that focuses on exclusivity. Their welcome message also does a good job highlighting the value of shopping their online store, helping compel subscribers to start buying from that very first touch.



Seen any extra stellar emails recently? Share them in the comments! We love seeing what you're into these days.

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12 emails that completely captivated us
12 emails that completely captivated us

It’s that time again: We’ve compiled a roundup of the latest and greatest emails to hit our inbox over the...

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