Anatomy of an Email: Tito's Vodka

Jeff Slutz


Welcome to the first installment of a new series we're kicking off here on the blog: Anatomy of an Email.

Every now and then, we'll be showcasing an extra outstanding email from one of our favorite Emma-powered brands, along with the marketing smarts baked into each one.

Our first featured brand? Everyone's favorite after-work libation here at Emma, Tito's Vodka


1. Seriously, everyone loved clicking that bottle. It shows how an attention-grabbing header image makes your email stand out, boosts click rates, and compels recipients to engage with all the cool stuff that follows.
2. We love that Tito’s includes navigation buttons in this email. It lets their readers click through right away to the content that’s most relevant to them. Plus, the buttons are big enough to be easily seen and tapped on mobile devices.
3. A good welcome email clearly sets expectations and communicates value. Whether it’s special discounts, exclusive first looks at new products or interesting content, always make it clear to subscribers exactly why they should be opening your emails. 
4. Allow subscribers to manage their own email preferences to ensure they’re always getting the most relevant content, exactly when they want it. 
5. It may be a little hard to read here, but that part says, "Thanks for the outpouring of support you give us every day." Even if you’re not a vodka brand, don’t be afraid to have a little fun. It’ll help subscribers form a more personal connection with your brand.
6. Give subscribers every opportunity to engage with your brand by incorporating an attractive, eye-catching row of social sharing buttons at the bottom of your template. 

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Jeff is a senior content writer at Emma. When he’s not geeking out over email marketing, he enjoys jogging short distances, chowing down on Mom’s cooking, appreciating a beautiful jump shot, and telling anyone who listens how underrated Ohio is. Usually not at the same time.

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