Anatomy of an Email: Goodwill of North Georgia


1. Your subscribers all have different goals – whether that’s making a donation, shopping your online store, or finding ways to get more involved with your organization. So make it easy for them to quickly access the information they need with a simple top nav. 

2. Communicate the heart of your message with a bold, eye-catching image above the fold. It’ll give people something to focus on as soon as they click “open” – and get them scrolling to find out more afterward. 
3. Good fundraising is all about great storytelling. So to attract (and keep!) your donors, nonprofits should tell a story about why your cause matters, why people should get involved, and how their contribution makes a real impact.
4. Show donors exactly how their hard-earned dollars are being put to use with concrete facts and figures. And pair those pieces of information with images or icons to keep things scannable and super easy to digest. 
5. CTA buttons are small but mighty click machines. And when the CTA is as clear as this one, they work like crazy: This email was sent to over 239,000 people, and it earned a 60% click rate! 
6. It’s also important for Goodwill of North Georgia to engage with their subscribers in person – after all, that’s how they donate items and shop at their stores! Putting a store locator in the footer of their emails helps bridge the gap between their digital channels and brick-and-mortar locations. 

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