Fresh Fall email templates are here!

January 30, 2015

Fall is officially here, which means two things: Everything is deliciously pumpkin spice-flavored, and we’re heading into the busiest time of year for marketers. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more, the season is packed with promotional opportunities. Our Fall Holiday Collection email templates are tailor-made for the season’s events to help you save some time and keep your emails looking sharp. We’ve added a few new designs to the collection this year, and as with all of our templates, they’re responsive to look great on any device. Here are some of our favorites for fall – check ‘em out!

Black Friday



Give your subscribers plenty of heads up about your Black Friday deals and special offers with this template. Automating a reminder email to send sometime on Thanksgiving or Friday morning is also a good idea just in case they’ve forgotten with all the turkey, family and football.

Cyber Monday



And just in case your followers never snapped out of that turkey coma or didn’t want to fight the crowds to take advantage of your Black Friday offer, you’ve got another opportunity to reach them on Cyber Monday. They’ll appreciate the second chance, so include a strong call to action with an option to buy.

Rosh Hashanah



You may have already seen this one in your Emma account a couple weeks ago – we added it just before Rosh Hashanah. It's the best template to ring in the Jewish new year and wish your audience Shanah Tovah!

Happy Oktoberfest



While it's tempting to keep all the beer, brats and pretzels to yourself, Oktoberfest is always more fun with a crowd. Get the word out about your Oktoberfest events and specials with this handy template. And then keep a close eye on your results so you'll know how many lederhosen-clad subscribers will be polka-ing your way.

Turn back the clock



Daylight savings is just about done, so remind your subscribers to set their clocks back an hour on November 2nd. You can rest easy knowing that it won't be your fault if your readers show up an hour early at their favorite donut shop and find it closed. You did your part – now go enjoy that extra hour of sleep. You deserve it.

Get out the vote



Election Day is November 4, so encourage folks to hit the polls or rally your supporters with this voting-themed template. And it's not just for elections of the run-for-office variety. Sometimes people need to be reminded to vote for Carol's "choc-full-of-chocolate cobbler" or Phil's "peanut butter parfait pie" in the charity bake-off (voting for Carol all day, every day).

Remember to say thanks



After you're done hosting the Rosh Hashanah celebrations, Oktoberfest shenanigans and election night parties, remember to say thank you to all of your followers, supporters and attendees. After all, winter is just around the corner, so automate a well-timed thank you (along with a special offer or token of appreciation) to inspire warm feelings for your organization heading into the holiday season.

Ready to start using the new templates? Just log in to your Emma account to see the entire Fall collection.

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