Emma's "Oh blather, I'm stuck list"

January 30, 2015 jamie@myemma.com

Drawing a blank on what to say in your next email campaign? Here are 13 ideas designed to get you started with content that goes beyond ordinary newsletters and promotions. Take 'em and make 'em your own, and happy sending. Cheers!

1. Recap five things you learned at the last event you & your team attended.

2. Showcase the latest work, news and awards from your company.

3. Compile news from your industry, and add your brief take on it.

4. Record a video interview highlighting an employee's expertise or style.

5. Feature the charitable groups your organization works with.

6. Take content from online seminars and turn it into an email.

7. Share three things folks might not know about your product or company.

8. Collect and share your employees' favorite sites, products or articles.

9. Create a how-to series of videos or articles in your field of expertise.

10. Tell a particularly compelling story from your organization's early history.

11. Ask a customer the three things they like best about your work, service or product.

12. Summarize articles from your blog, fan boards or anywhere else you've got content.

13. Automate an email to send whenever a subscriber has a birthday or to celebrate the anniversary of the day they joined your list.

Have some other ideas we should add to the list? Let's hear 'em!

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