21 new template designs to inspire your email marketing

September 23, 2015 Jeff Slutz

You might want to take another look around Emma’s template gallery the next time you create a new email. Why? We have two new collections (21 templates in all) that are filled with some of our designers' best work yet. They’re not only great looking and ridiculously easy to customize, but they’re designed to fit your marketing strategy. Have a look.

Designer Spotlight: Taylor Schena

Taylor illustrated by Taylor.

Taylor Schena is featured in our very first Designer Spotlight collection, a new series that allows designers to showcase their particular aesthetic – in email form. Taylor’s a seriously talented illustrator who’s been designing gorgeous emails at Emma for over 8 years. With that experience, she's an ace when it comes to email marketing, so she designed each template to fit a specific communication need. Here are just a few examples from her collection.


To welcome new subscribers:



To nurture new leads:



To re-engage customers:



And there’s more where those came from. Check out the full collection the next time you log in to see all of Taylor’s amazing work.

The Retail Series Collection

We created our other new template collection specifically with busy retailers in mind. They look great on both desktop and mobile, and they’re super easy to brand by simply swapping out the logo and the product shots. Plus, they’re made for automation, so you can reach customers wherever they’re at in your purchase cycle.

Welcome series:

Greet new subscribers with an automated welcome series that introduces your brand and gives them a special offer for joining your list. It's bound to be the start of a beautiful brand relationship.


Click to make bigger.


Post-purchase series:

It's only right to say thank you if a customer makes a purchase. A post-purchase series is not only a great way to show your appreciation, but it also keeps customers thinking about your brand (and buying).


Click to make bigger.


Re-engagement series:

And if you haven't heard from a customer in awhile, consider a re-engagement series to bring them back into the fold.


Click to make bigger.


Log in to see them all!


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