11 fabulous new email template designs for retailers

August 26, 2015 Jeff Slutz

We know that the retail world is busy, fast-paced and crazy competitive, so we’re always looking for ways to make it easier for retailers to use email marketing to sell more stuff.

That’s why we designed our latest batch of email templates with savvy retail marketers in mind. The designs are all fully responsive and super easy to brand. Plus, they pair beautifully with our automation feature to help you reach new and recurring customers at various steps of the purchase cycle. Here, have a look.

The welcome series

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know how effective welcome emails can be. Welcome emails see more than 3x the transactions and revenue per email than regular promotional mailings (Experian). A whole series of welcome emails? That’s a revenue-generating powerhouse for your brand.


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The post-purchase series

Don’t stop communicating once you make a sale! They’re already engaged and feeling good about your brand, so post-purchase is the perfect time to build customer loyalty with a thank you and a discount. And by asking them to rate or review your product, you’ll learn from your audience and show that you care about their feedback and experience.


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The re-engagement series

We all have folks on our lists who haven’t opened our emails in a while, so why not bring them back into the fold with a re-engagement series? Pairing a special offer with a reminder to manage preferences could be just the ticket. And if they’re still not opening, don’t be afraid to say goodbye and remove them from your list. They’ll appreciate that you care enough not to clutter their inbox, and it’ll improve your sender reputation in the process.


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Birthday and anniversary

Automated birthday and anniversary (i.e. the day they joined your list) mailings are two of the easiest and most effective emails you’ll ever send. Subscribers will appreciate the thought (and the discount), and you’ll appreciate the effortless boost in sales.


You know what to do...


Log in now to see the designs and put these new templates to work in your own automated series!

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