To Lightbox or not to Lightbox? One brand's resounding answer

August 20, 2015 McKenzie Gregory

Enticing website visitors to join your email list can be an incredibly difficult task. Sure – given a long enough timeline, you might get the numbers you’re hoping for… eventually. But when the average email list churns by about 30% every year, it’s incredibly important for email marketers to consistently gather fresh leads if they want to keep their list strong.

Reaching the right type of subscribers

That’s why Heath Miller, eCommerce Operations Specialist at Restaurant Equippers, was so excited to try out Emma's new Lightbox Forms. Restaurant Equippers is a privately-owned business that’s been serving the food industry for over 40 years. And when it comes to their email marketing, making sure they reach the right type of subscribers is one of their team’s most important goals.

“We were thrilled about the release of Emma’s Lightbox Forms feature,” Heath recalled. "It came at a time when our need to acquire fresh, relevant email leads was becoming increasingly urgent."



So Heath and his team worked together to develop a Lightbox Form for the Restaurant Equippers website and use it to their best possible advantage. “We collaborated internally to craft an automated welcome email that gave folks that had just signed up a wide-angle view of what we offer. The welcome email is sent to all new signups that come through the Lightbox Form.”

The results…

1. Increased email signups:

In terms of pure numbers, Heath is thrilled by the results he’s seen from the Lightbox Form. “Before, our online email signups topped off at 30 on a good month. But in just our first month of using the Lightbox Form, we’ve collected 15 emails through our traditional website signup box and 182 from the Lightbox. So we’d be missing out on 85% of the emails we’re collecting today without the Emma Lightbox feature. Overall, we’ve seen a 700% lift in online email signups."

2. Positive customer behavior:

What interests Heath even more than the increased email signups is how engaged the new subscribers are with the welcome email. “For the welcome email the Lightbox signup triggers, I’m seeing a clickthrough of 35% (at least 10% higher than our current clickthrough rate) and an open rate of 35%… that’s over twice the open rate we see on a well-received promotional email campaign."

“Something else I’ve noticed – and have been very excited about – is the behavior of people who sign up and receive the welcome email. Essentially, they come to our site, and if they sign up via the Lightbox, we're able to get 30% or more of them back to the site a few hours to a few days later by coupling the Lightbox to the automation feature. These two features marry so incredibly well and from my perspective are like the “Batman and Robin” of email acquisition. The Lightbox acquires the customer, and the automated welcome email seals the relationship."

3. Quality email leads:

And one of the best parts? The email signups Heath has been acquiring are high-quality, relevant leads. "The Emma Lightbox Form allows us to gather emails from people whose needs meet the products we carry. The open and clickthrough rates we’ve seen demonstrate that we've added a steady stream of relevant new email subscribers to our audience."

Talk about smart (and effective) email marketing! Here’s what Heath had to say about his overall experience using the Lightbox Forms feature: “We’re incredibly happy with the results, and I’m hoping that at the end of the day, using the Lightbox and automation along with an email hygiene strategy will allow us to set the foundation to a healthier, more profitable email list.”

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