Three Nashville brands doing great email marketing

August 3, 2015 McKenzie Gregory

We’re full of hometown pride here at Emma. And why wouldn’t we be? Nashville has a vibrant music scene, mouth-watering food (Loveless biscuits, anyone?), celebrities on every corner and plenty of that good ‘ol Southern hospitality.

We’re also fortunate enough to share our city with some pretty cool brands – brands who also happen to be crushing it when it comes to email marketing. Here’s how three Nashville locals have been using Emma to help get the word out about their brands – in Music City and beyond.




In 2011, Phillip Nappi and his wife Dana decided to revitalize a tradition of shoemaking that Phillip’s grandfather, Peter, brought to the US over a century ago. The couple recovered Peter's legacy of craftsmanship and timeless design by producing their own line of classic, high-quality footwear and leather goods designed in Nashville and manufactured by hand in Italy.

And to market their gorgeous merchandise, the Nappis turned to Emma. When asked about their email marketing philosophy, Dana Nappi explained, “We find that the best results come from great imagery and clear, product-focused messages.”

That philosophy is made apparent by the high-quality design work the brand puts into every email. Their messaging is streamlined and full of eye-catching, stylish content.



They’re also incredibly smart when it comes to utilizing an array of features and best practices. For example, the brand recently started using a lightbox form on their website to collect email subscribers. “We’ve seen a lot of success from the lightbox form. It’s all about getting customer information, and the lightbox allows us to capture more emails and provide different things to our consumers, be it a first-time buyer code or an invite to a private party. It really helps us build up our database."

Their team also uses features like audience segmentation to ensure they’re sending the most personalized message possible. “We find that when we segment our database – be that by gender, location or purchase history – we can deliver a much more targeted, relevant message and make our messages consistent to the customer.”

And their numbers are great – their automated welcome series, for instance, has a 67% open and 20% click rate.

If you want to check out all the beautiful leather goods Peter Nappi has to offer, visit their online store.


Tinwings began as the collaboration of two women – Lee Ann Merrick and Ursula Norris – who wanted to get into party planning. “But probably six months in, we discovered that what our customers really wanted was for us to cater the parties,” Lee Ann recalled. "We love to cook, so we shifted gears and went into food. And we came up with an idea: We’d set up a Wednesday meal pre-order so we could connect with our customers on a regular basis. After launching the pre-order and starting to offer a la carte options, it just exploded! So now we have a brick-and-mortar store, and we use Emma to push out our menu every week."

In addition to the emails that market their freshly prepared food, Lee Ann and Ursula recently incorporated an automated welcome series. “We’ve seen really positive results with the welcome series. We worked really hard to make our templates look like our brand (the ladies credit talented local designer Deena Neimat for their distinctive look), so they’re really attractive, easy to navigate and appealing to our customers. But our open and click rates on that series are still crazy!”

And their results really are incredible: The automated welcome message has a whopping 85% open rate and a 23% click rate!



The ladies are excited to expand their email marketing efforts even further as their business grows. “It’s insane how fast this has all happened. In the past couple of months alone, we were featured in Style Blueprint and our list size almost doubled! I love that Emma is so flexible, because that flexibility allows us to adjust our email strategy as the needs of our business continue to change."

You can find out more about Tinwings – and the delicious food they’re offering this week – on their website.


Ever heard of the History Channel series American Pickers? Antique Archaeology is Mike Wolfe’s retail store from the show. And while the original store is located in Iowa, Wolfe just couldn’t resist opening a second location in Nashville.

“Mike had been coming down to Nashville for years, buying and selling to designers and decorators,” Content/Store Manager Lauren Wray explained. “And he really just fell in love with the city. So the natural next step was to open a shop here. All of Mike’s picks that you see on the show are sold in our two stores. It’s a retail outlet for our antiques, and we also have a pretty big merchandising business, too, being that we’re such a tourist attraction.”

And Emma has played a huge role in helping connect fans of the tv show with the store. “Email marketing helps us let our fans know about everything we have to offer at our stores. American Pickers and Antique Archaeology are really about telling a story – a story about American history, about the things that inspire us. So at the end of the day, we just want to start a conversation about the things we love, and email helps us do that more directly."

For example, Antique Archaeology recently used email to share the story behind their new apparel line, the Two Lanes Collection. “Two Lanes is inspired by being on the road, by early moto-pioneers, by taking the road less travelled. We also wanted to represent the things we believe in, like buying American and small-town businesses. So we started this line that's entirely made in the US and that uses the designs of artisans."



They also use email to help market their Rustoration Lighting Collection. “We also have these really amazing custom lighting fixtures that are made by a local designer using Mike's picks. Most of the fixtures are sold at the stores, but we recently introduced a home line that's available to purchase online. Mike talks a lot about lighting on the show, so it's cool to show people what we actually do with these pieces.”

Antique Archaeology plans to ramp up their email efforts as their programs and merchandise continue to expand. They have big plans for the rest of 2015, so stay tuned to see what’s in store!

You can learn more about Antique Archaeology and American Pickers here.

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