Staffer Q&A with Talent Acquisition Specialist Priya Pappu

December 6, 2016 Miles Price

In our series, Staffer Q&A, we sit down with members of our crew, interview-style, to find out the "who" behind Emma, get a sneak peek into new features and integrations they're working on, and, of course, what they do when they're not at work.


Tell us a little about yourself, Priya. What do you do at Emma?

In the office, I go by Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS, for short). My role consists of a variety of activities, all with the end goal of finding and hiring awesome talent for Emma! I get to help out with the entire hiring process for all positions and at all stages. I also love being involved in engagement stuff for current staffers (like being on the Emma Holiday Party Committee — hey-o!).


Ok, and when you’re not at Emma?

When I’m not at Emma, I’m probably running on Shelby Bottoms Greenway, tweeting with emojis, drinking local brews, playing darts or ping-pong, or blogging!


What project are you currently working on?

I’ve been primarily working with our sales team to look for new Sales Executives and Sales Development Reps. I manage our candidate pipeline of both leads (that I spend my days sourcing) and applicants. First, I set up a preliminary interview to screen them, and then guide them through the entire interview process — a process that hopefully ends their first day at Emma!


Read any good books lately?

I just finished The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, which has been on my must-read list since I sobbed through the movie years ago. So good!


Our readers are dying to know: What’s your spirit animal? Why?

Beyonce — no question.


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Miles is a copywriter on Emma’s marketing team, and—most of the time—uses em dashes whenever applicable. Other interests include photography, loud and fuzzed-out guitars, and that clean feeling you get when writing in a brand new notebook.

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