New email marketing insights just for agencies

October 22, 2014

Earlier this year, our team of account managers and service specialists got together with our product developers to tackle a challenge: How can we get better insights into what our customers are doing in their Emma accounts, so we can step in and help them succeed at just the right moments?

The solution was a live feed of important events in key customer accounts that could stay open on any staffer’s computer. We’re talking large sends and list imports as well as inactivity, like when an account hasn’t mailed in a month or more.

We started to use the live feed internally, and it helped us scale efforts to reach out to our biggest senders and brands right when they could use a hand. As you can imagine, we were way more efficient -- and timely -- when the story of a customer was presented directly to us rather than having to find it by digging around in each individual account.

We've shared what works for us with our agency partners

When the live feed became indispensable to us, we knew we had to share it with our agency partners. Because, just like us, agencies are managing lots of clients at one time, and they can be all over the place in terms of activity, engagement and results.

We thought about what other insights agencies could benefit from seeing every time they log in to their accounts and paired those with the live feed. The result? An all-new dashboard-style homepage, which we're so excited to launch to our agency partners today.

You'll see the dashboard when you log in, but your clients won't notice anything different. This is just about you getting the insights you need to take care of clients and grow in smart ways. 

Totals, averages, events and metrics – all in one place

Here's Kelley with a tour of what you'll see in your agency account:

The dashboard keeps you up to date on everything you need to know so you can stay organized and get your clients great results. Let's zoom in on some key features.

Mailing Score, clicks and opens averaged across all accounts

Inactive accounts, so you can hop in and help clients at key moments

Client mailings, along with color-coded metrics for each, on a timeline

Resources and advice that make you the email marketing expert for your clients

But wait, there's more to come...

This is just the beginning of lots of great news for our agency customers. We're working hard to set you up for a incredibly successful 2015, with expanded email automation just around the corner, more flexible pricing (details coming soon!) and a resource library that helps you manage your marketing service. And we're backing it all up with a team of marketing experts who can help you improve your clients' results and save time on creative and administrative work.

If you're an agency and want to learn how to get an Emma Agency account to manage all your clients in one place, head here to learn more. And if you're not an agency but are jazzed about these insights (who wouldn't be?), sign up to be the first to get a similar dashboard view for your professional account, coming this winter.

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