MU Speaker Spotlight: Kristen Craft of Wistia

March 28, 2016 McKenzie Gregory


Meet Kristen Craft, Director of Business Development at Wistia.

Kristen is a brilliant marketer who’s an expert at crafting (no pun intended, we promise) compelling brand stories and using video to make marketing campaigns more effective. She’s a super smart gal who really knows her stuff, with advanced degrees in business and education from MIT and Harvard – no biggie, right? Plus, she gets tons of cool points for brewing her own craft (we’re done!) beer.


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That’s why inviting her to come speak at our first Marketing United conference back in 2015 was a total no-brainer. Everyone absolutely loved listening to her session about using video to humanize your marketing – and this year, we’re bringing her back with fresh new content. Get excited: Not only is she a fantastic, energizing speaker who’s fun to listen to, you’ll also walk away with a bunch of actionable strategies and inspiring ideas to use in your own marketing after the conference wraps.

We recently caught up with her to talk about what kind of video marketing gets her most fired up, the webinar she’ll be did with us on March 30, and what she’s most looking forward to about Marketing United 2016. Enjoy!



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