Marketing United Day 1 Recap

April 15, 2016 McKenzie Gregory


Day 1 of Marketing United 2016 is officially in the books, and the conference couldn’t have gotten off to a better start! Here are a few highlights from yesterday’s events.


Opening remarks

There’s not much we can say about Marketing United’s opening video except that our CEO Clint Smith has big ideas – and well, some are better than others. See for yourself...





Scott Stratten presented his newest talk this year, and we have to say… we didn’t think he could top last year’s keynote, but he absolutely did. As always, he brought a ton of super smart, hilarious, tell-it-like-it-is insights to the stage.



Aaron Draplin was a new addition to the conference, and we’re so glad we brought him on board. His talk was a fan favorite today, and for good reason: The man has a natural talent for storytelling, so we all appreciated hearing both his “tall tales” and design expertise.



We have major love for Litmus's Justine Jordan… after all, anyone who appreciates great email design as much as she does is A-OK in our book. Her session was full of helpful nuggets and design tips for top-notch emails, and everyone walked away ready to do better email marketing.



Talk about inspirational! Scott Harrison’s stories brought some of us to tears and left us all wanting to go out and change the world for the better. Plus, charity: water brought along a virtual reality experience that’s truly making an impact: Every time someone participates, an additional $30 is added to fund a water project. Stay tuned to see how much $$ we raise by the time MU wraps!



Official Marketing United Cocktail Party

At the end of a long day of sessions, everyone gathered in the Event Hall for drinks, snacks, and an overall amazing time! And after that, some of our special guests were treated to a VIP experience at Legends Corner, one of Nashville’s most famous honkey tonks.

We're incredibly lucky to have such a great group of sponsors, speakers, and attendees be a part of Marketing United. And the best part? We get to do it again today.


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