How we just made Metric for iPhone even better

September 3, 2014

We’re excited to announce the release of Metric 1.1! It’s an update that makes our free iPhone app even better. Let’s pretend that you just asked us what’s better about it. So glad you asked! How about we take a quick tour of what’s new (keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times).

Check out where people are clicking



The click map that we introduced in the new Response overview is now available in Metric. The click map shows you where people are clicking within the context of your actual email. The larger the circle, the more clicks there were on that link. Just tap the circle to see the exact number of clicks on that particular link.

We love the click map because it shows how your subscribers are engaging with your email at a glance, which really comes in handy when you’re on the go and need to quickly see what’s working.

See opens by device and by client



Now you can get an extra layer of insight into how people are opening your mailing. By tapping on the open rate, you can see opens by device, which tells you the percentage of people who are opening on mobile vs. desktop. And if you look at the bottom of the screen, you can toggle to see opens by client, which shows you the percentage of subscribers who are opening on different email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)

Emails render a little bit differently on devices and clients, so knowing what your audience prefers is super helpful when it comes to designing and testing. 

Hide and restore mailings



Are internal or test mailings clogging up your home screen? You can hide mailings to make it easier to find the important stuff. And don’t worry, they’re not lost forever. You can restore your hidden mailings at any time.

Learn how your Mailing Score was calculated



The witches’ brew that makes up your Mailing Score is no longer a mystery (just mix a dash of dried batwing, some ground up snail shell, a Bigfoot’s eyelash and voila!). Simply tap the arrow next to your Mailing Score to see a breakdown of the elements that go into it and how your email performed for each one.

Search through your last 12 months of mailings



Need to refer to a mailing that you sent months ago? Want to do a month-to-month comparison of results from a monthly mailing? With Metric 1.1, you can now search through a full 12 months of mailings and see your results. Don't be stingy with the high fives once you've seen all the progress you've made.

Ready to give Metric 1.1 a spin? Download it for free in the App Store today, and log in with your Emma credentials. Setup is a snap!



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