How to review email results in three minutes or less

July 28, 2015 McKenzie Gregory


If you’re like most marketers, your email campaigns tend to go something like this: create, proof, test, send, repeat. And after you’ve worked so hard building your campaign’s content, it might feel as if – at this point – your work should be done. But here’s the thing: Your consumers are real people whose needs and interests change all the time. So there’s a good chance that the types of messages they like (and respond well to) will also change.

That’s why it’s important for you to regularly review your email results and adjust accordingly, because something that’s working today might not be so successful tomorrow. By seeing who opens, clicks and shares, you’ll get data about your customers and fans that’s easy to act on and get better and better with every send. And the best part? With the right tools, it hardly takes any time at all. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how you can you use Emma’s Response page to review your campaign results in three minutes or less.



00:01 Check your Mailing Score, open rate and click rate

Looking at your open and click rates is a total no-brainer, but also be sure to keep an eye on your Mailing Score. Using factors like shares percentage, opt-out percentage and signup percentage (along with open and click rates), it tells you at a glance exactly how well your email performed on a scale of 1-10. So by keeping tabs on your Mailing Score, you’ll know right away how successful your email was compared to your past sends and the average of all Emma customers.




00:45 Look at Opens by Device...

Opens by device will tell you whether your recipients viewed your email on their desktop or a mobile device (tablets are listed under mobile). Are most of your subscribers on the move and checking email from their phones? Or are they getting a more classic view of your mailings on their desktop? This is helpful info to have as you develop content for your next campaign; knowing how many of your contacts are opening on mobile can help you determine how big of a consideration mobile optimization needs to be in your email design process (it’s an absolute must).


01:05 ...And Opens by Client

With Opens by client, you can see exactly which email client – like Outlook or Gmail – your recipients are using to view your email. This will help you know where you should spend most of your time testing each campaign to make sure it renders correctly and looks great for the majority of your audience.




01:30 Head over to the Click Analysis

Get a concrete visual of where your recipients clicked the most on your email. Highlighting the click activity on your most recent send will help you determine image, text and link placement for future mailings and even decide what type of content your recipients are most excited about. You can see the differences in what your subscribers clicked on if they viewed on mobile vs. desktop and also access a link-by-link breakdown of clicks by switching to the “List” view.


02:15 What did you test?

Every Emma account comes with the ability to create test groups, so if you tested something (and we hope you did!), spend this last bit of time reviewing the results. Did you split test your subject lines, send at a different time of day or try different CTA copy? See how those changes affected your open and click rates, and you’ll be well on your way to crafting your most relevant, fine-tuned email yet.


3:00 That’s it!

Three minutes and you’ve learned a ton about your audience. But if you have some extra time and want to go more in depth, dive into your Google Analytics campaign tracking. By connecting your Emma account with Google Analytics, you can track visitors to your website who clicked on links in your mailings. You’ll see which page they landed on, what pages they viewed and what actions they performed – metrics that help you see how your email marketing efforts fit into your larger marketing plan.

And if you’re always on-the-go (and who isn’t these days?), consider using our Metric app. It’ll help you stay connected to your results in real time from anywhere – while you wait in line at the coffee shop, on the subway, on that blind date that’s going terribly… you name it.

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