How to get the best results from your growing email list

April 13, 2015

We had a blast talking email list growth and marketing strategy during the recent webinar hosted by ClickZ. These are always hot topics of conversation around these parts, so we thought we’d keep the discussion going by answering a few attendee questions from the webinar here on the Emma blog. Hope the answers spark a few ideas that send your email list (and results) soaring!

How are you using new subscriber data to gain audience insight and create new leads?

You have to pay attention to and track how your new subscribers found you in the first place. Did they join your list after reading a piece of content? Did they give you their email address at your brick & mortar location? Or was it at an event or conference? This is key to nurturing those new subscribers with content that will be most relevant to them.

For example, say someone first became a subscriber at a conference you both attended. Reference something memorable that the keynote speaker said or the awesome brownies that were served during the break between sessions. It’s a great way to form an instant connection and boost engagement right away.

Do you recommend allowing subscribers to self-select email frequency?

Absolutely. Surveying your subscribers every so often is an excellent way to make sure you’re reaching them in the way that they want to hear from you, both from a frequency and content standpoint. What better way to make sure you’re providing the best experience possible than asking your audience directly?

Do you feel the use of sharing content from a 3rd party provides value to your contacts? If so, do those 3rd parties mind?

Yep, it sure does. It shows that your primary concern is providing something valuable and helpful rather than purely promoting your own stuff.

And no, most 3rd parties won’t mind as long as you’re giving them credit as the source and not spoiling some sort of exclusive or embargoed content. More often than not, they’ll appreciate you sharing their content and giving them a wider reach.

Your examples were all about B2C, do these same tips apply to B2B?

We get this question a lot, whether it’s applying B2C tips to B2B or vice versa. I know we used a lot of examples from retail and B2C, but the important thing to remember is that even in the B2B world, it’s still a human being on the other side of that computer or smart phone. The list growth strategies that work for B2C should still work for B2B. So if you have a great white paper or other piece of content that other businesses will want to download and learn from, use it as a lead magnet. Set up a content gateway or add a lightbox to it and watch the email addresses roll in.

How do you measure engagement from new subscribers?

This is all about diving into your analytics, right? So of course you’ll want to look at your total opens, clicks and shares to get an overall picture of your email’s performance.

But it’s also important to drill down further. Look at your opens by device or opens by client to get an idea of how and where your subscribers are opening your mailing. Use a click map to see if there are any trends in what kind of content subscribers click most and where that content sits within the mailing.

This all helps you find out what’s working best (so you can do more of it), and what’s not working so well (so you can try something different).

Plus, you’re bound to have a few super fans in your audience who click and share the most. Don’t forget to reward your most engaged subscribers every so often with a special deal or exclusive content. It’s the best way to inspire loyalty and create powerful ambassadors for your brand.

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