How to boost sales with email automation and smart integration

December 16, 2014 Jeff Slutz

As the owner and sole marketer for Portland women’s boutique Mabel & Zora, designer of her own clothing line Tiffany Bean Designs, and consultant to other up-and-coming designers, Tiffany Bean is busy. She’s “paisley shirt with Zubaz pants” kind of busy, but you know, with actual fashion sense. So staying on top of all aspects of her businesses is a daily challenge – that includes the email marketing. 

Tiffany needed an email service provider that’s easy enough to use that she could quickly create beautiful emails for each of her brands, but also powerful enough to get the tangible results she’s looking for. After trying a couple of providers, she turned to Emma. 

Reach more customers with the right message at the right time.

We mentioned Tiffany is busy, right? It’s why automation has become an ideal solution for her.

For her store Mabel & Zora, Tiffany uses automated emails to welcome new email subscribers and wish customers a happy birthday with a special discount. After the initial email design and trigger setup, the automated messages continue reaching current and potential customers while she focuses on other parts of the business.

Tiffany Bean, fashion designer and owner of Mabel & Zora and Tiffany Bean Designs


“The birthday coupon brings a lot of people in and then the welcome just gives a nice experience so people know what they’re getting from us,” said Tiffany. “Before we started automating, I was going through and sending the birthday emails myself, so it’s awesome that I don’t have to take the time to do that.”

She’s getting great results from the automated emails too. For example, her Mabel & Zora welcome email has an 80% open rate!

See the ROI of each email at a glance.

Tiffany also connects her email to Mabel & Zora’s online shopping cart through Emma’s Shopify integration. The integration allows her to see exactly how much revenue each email is generating and target customers with the right message based on their purchase history.

“After connecting Emma to Shopify, we could see sales from emails right off the bat,” said Tiffany. “It’s so cool to be able to see, oh look, that email caused that purchase to happen. That’s really handy for our marketing.”

The sales data generated from each email displays right alongside the rest of her response data (Mailing Score, opens, clicks, etc.) in the Response overview, so she can see the full picture of how each email performed at a glance.

“I’m a junky for data, so I love the Response overview, especially that I can open it up and watch the results come in pretty much in real time,” said Tiffany.

Customize your design to fit your brand (and mobile screens).

Of course, as a fashion designer, it’s crucial that Tiffany has a design editor that makes it easy to get the look and feel of her emails just right.

“The ability to make the emails look exactly how I want them is a huge thing for me, so I can completely customize them to fit my branding,” said Tiffany. “I feel like I can really manipulate the templates to make them fit both Mabel & Zora and Tiffany Bean Designs.”

Retailers have purchased Tiffany Bean Designs for their stores just from the email alone.


Beyond making sure the emails look beautiful and are on brand, Tiffany pays close attention to the best practices in email design that generate results. For example, she recently started using buttons instead of text links for her calls to action. Buttons are better at getting readers’ attention, and they’re easier to tap on mobile devices.

“Having a call to action button that says ‘Shop Now’ is consistently the number one thing that is clicked on my emails,” said Tiffany.

The results

So what’s been the result of all this automating, integrating and designing? More traffic…

“Every time we send an email, our website gets a big jump and we bring more people into the store,” said Tiffany. “If we send an email, our weekend is going to be dramatically better than if we didn’t.”

…and more sales.

“I’ve had several stores purchase from Tiffany Bean Designs just from the email, which is something that never would have happened a couple of years ago.”

The takeaways

Automate to save time and get big results. Automate welcome emails, birthday messages, thank yous and more to reach customers with timely, relevant content. It’ll pay off, too. B2C marketers who send automated emails see conversion rates as high as 50%.

Integrate with your shopping cart. Combine your email marketing with your online shopping cart to sync customer lists automatically, track purchase activity from emails and automate follow up customer communication. It’s a great way to sell more stuff.

Design for the small screen first. Tiffany switched from text links to buttons to appeal to mobile users and saw better click rates right away. Some other quick mobile design tips: design in a single column, use a large enough font (we recommend 14 pixels), break content up into sections with bold headlines and use a responsive template to help your emails look great on any device.

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