How Tito’s Vodka nurtures their thirstiest advocates

July 5, 2016 McKenzie Gregory


Tito’s Handmade Vodka is an easy brand for us to get behind: They serve up both delicious cocktails and delicious content. And their team always does a fantastic job nurturing their following of devoted advocates – something that really shines through in their email program.



A small team with big goals 

One of the most difficult challenges they face?

“Bandwidth,” said Josie Fox, Content Coordinator for Tito's Vodka. “We're a very small, scrappy team, with each person balancing responsibilities that would usually be separate roles, or even departments, in a traditional agency or client-side structure. As brand awareness and marketing opportunities continue to grow, we’re constantly making tough choices about what we can realistically take on."

So if something can reduce their workload, free up time for new opportunities, and still get great results? Giving it a shot is pretty much a no-brainer. That’s why their team was so excited to start playing around with email automation.



The signup process 

The team uses this form on their website to collect new email subscribers.



The form includes quite a few fields, but in this instance, it makes sense – by filling it out, individuals are joining an exclusive club. There’s even a pledge involved! So exchanging a little extra information feels like a natural part of the process.

Plus, they make it clear that new subscribers will get some extra swag on their doorstep in exchange for their info. And let’s face it, free stuff is always an effective incentive.



The welcome email 

As soon as someone signs up for their list, they receive a welcome email.



It’s simple, featuring only the essentials: A compelling header image, a well-organized top nav, etc. The message says “thanks” and sets a precedent for the type and frequency of emails new subscribers should expect. And with a call to follow the brand on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Tito's grows their social audience, as well!

This welcome email has gotten huge results: It averages a 64% open rate, and it’s been sent to over 26,000 people!

Once they’ve welcomed their new subscribers, the team smartly asks them for even more information in an email like this:



By asking for more data points and user preferences, they can then further segment their audience and deliver more targeted emails.



Segmentation = a huge boost in results 

Using that extra bit of information, plus response data like which subscribers have recently opened or clicked, the team has been able to send super personalized emails to more targeted groups of people... and they’re getting the results to match.

Their most recent “Mockingbird Gazette” mailing (a monthly newsletter sent to a small segment of their audience) boasted 90% opens and 36% clicks – pretty unbelievable results. And the one before that did just as well: 82% opens, 55% clicks!

It’s proof that sending targeted emails to small segments works. Big time. It’s something the smartest marketers out there – like the ones at Tito's – are taking advantage of to get the best results possible, and we can all raise our glasses to that.



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