How switching to Emma doubled a brand’s direct sales

March 23, 2016 McKenzie Gregory


PreSonus – a company based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana – creates innovative, professional, and affordable tools for the music industry. And their world-class products wouldn’t exist without a team that's incredibly passionate about what they do.

“It’s a great position to be in, marketing for a company that services the music industry,” said Marketing Director Carl Jacobson. "We create tools that help people record Grammy-winning albums and mix live festivals, so the content we produce about those tools and the people using them is attention-grabbing, interesting, and aspirational for our customers."



Finding the right platform for their marketing

Email marketing has been a big part of the marketing ecosystem at PreSonus for years, but it was only recently that they truly started ramping up their efforts.

"In the past,” Carl said, “We had used another platform for our email marketing, and it was very limiting; I was always so frustrated with the tools I had at my disposal. But about a year ago, we had a very significant product launch coming up, and it was going to really require us to up our game."

“We looked at a few different platforms, and I chose Emma for several reasons. I loved your segmentation tools, automation workflows, and your editor. I also loved the fact that we were able to integrate our CRM with your API and, as a result of that, seamlessly keep our data in sync. Having deeper analytics meant I could more easily show ROI on our activities. And of course, the ability to use separate sub-accounts for our sales managers, PR, and direct channels was huge. That way, everyone could have their own sandbox to play in, but we could still create and share content among multiple sales managers."

“Plus,” he noted, "the salespeople and account reps I spoke with at Emma were just infinitely cooler than they were at the other companies that we considered. I felt better about the people I’d be dealing with on a regular basis."



A more targeted email strategy

Since switching ESPs, Carl will be the first to say that Emma has made his life a million times easier. And now that his email platform is integrated with his CRM, PreSonus can deliver its audience much more targeted emails.

“When we send messages to customers, yes, we’re high volume and we have a big list – but it’s also incredibly important to us that those messages are going to be relevant to each individual subscriber. So the ability to personalize our email messaging has been huge for our brand.”

Some of the specific changes he’s made?

1. He beefed up their newsletter format to contain more images and a larger variety of content, from video to customer stories.
2. He started doing intermittent A/B testing on subject lines to maximize open rates.
3. He began segmenting their lists by geographic region and products owned to deliver more targeted messages to customers.
4. He utilized Emma’s customizable sign up forms and campaign automation to deliver gated content to new leads, and thereby build audience groups based on highly specific topics.   


Here’s an example of one of their recent sends.



The results are in...

"I intuitively knew that things had improved after we had been using Emma for a while, but when I actually compared the data for our current mass emails with our old averages, I was astounded by the results,” Carl said.

Here is how things have improved for PreSonus since switching to Emma and implementing those changes to their strategy:

- Their average open rate is up 8%
- Their average click rate is up 14%
- Their percentage of bounced emails are down -95%
- Their percentages of opt outs per email are down -29%
- Their percentages emails being forwarded is up 16577% (No, that’s not a typo!)

And all that success is truly helping PreSonus hit their goals.

"Really, we have two primary objectives when it comes to email,” Carl said.  “One is to increase sales. But we’re also just as concerned about supporting our existing customers. Typically, I’m marketing to a group of people who have already converted; they’ve already purchased our products, so now we’re looking to support their experience using them. Happy customers means repeat customers, and we’re looking forward to a long and beautiful friendship.”

And Emma has helped them do both! 

“It’s been exactly a year since switching platforms, and our direct sales have significantly improved: They're up 101% year over year!” Carl exclaimed. “While having a well-coordinated, omni-channel launch of a highly anticipated product certainly had something to do with it, Emma helped us maximize those results. I’m certain that without Emma, we would have left money on the table.”



What’s in the works

Since seeing so much success from their first year using Emma, Carl has already started making plans for the rest of 2016.

“This year, I want to create an onboarding series for new customers. Statistics show that if you get a customer using your product effectively out of the gate, they’re much more likely to stay loyal to your brand and purchase from you in the future. And that’s really what we’re all about at PreSonus: taking care of customers even after they convert. With onboarding emails, we’ll be able to educate them about using the product they already have but also gradually make them aware of other products that could supplement their experience as their needs grow.”

And when asked what he would tell brands that are considering switching to Emma? Carl laughed and said, "I would tell them, 'Do it!’"


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