Grow your list from anywhere with Guestbook 1.1

March 3, 2015

We're excited to announce the release of Guestbook 1.1! We created Guestbook, our signup form iPad app, to make it easier for customers to grow their lists from brick & mortar locations or at events, conferences and trade shows. After all, a pen and pad gets the job done, but no one wants to Sherlock Holmes the messy handwriting and enter each new contact one by one.

We love that our customers love using Guestbook, and they're not shy about giving us feedback, ideas and new ways we can make it better (keep ‘em coming). Here’s one story we just couldn’t keep to ourselves.

Flight YPO, an organization based in Dallas, TX, whose mission is to provide assistance for homeless children, uses Guestbook at networking and service events. They then follow up with those new signups by sending an automated welcome note. This winning combination of Guestbook + automation has resulted in 69% open rates and 24% click rates for Flight. Did you hear that? 69% opens! 24% clicks!

Stories like this help us understand how customers are using our products out in the world, and quite literally turn us into cheerleaders for our customers. So, you know, don’t freak out if you look out your window and see us with our faces painted in your brand colors and signs spelling out your name. It’s totally normal. Right? Right?

You can now include and map all of your active contact fields in Guestbook.


Part of the beauty of leading a product team for Emma is hearing from customers, such as Flight YPO, and using that to shape our priorities going forward. Here’s some of the feedback we got from Guestbook users:

  • We heard that you loved the ease of mapping to Emma contact fields, but wanted the ability to add even more fields.
  • We heard that you loved the automatic sync of new signups via Guestbook to your Emma account, but wanted even easier and faster ways to view them.
  • We heard that autocorrect is important in some cases, but not in signup form fields (my name is routinely changed to Peter Pelvis, thanks to autocorrect, so this one hits a little close to home).
  • And we heard that you loved how quick it is to get started with the app, but you also wanted to be able to log out and switch between your various Emma accounts (particularly for agencies).

So we listened, we built and now we’re releasing Guestbook 1.1! Here are some of the new features:

  • Emma customers can now include and map all of their active Emma contact fields.
  • You can see all your new signups at a glance in the Entries section of the app.
  • Bye bye, Peter Pelvis. Signup fields will no longer auto-correct.
  • Agencies and other organizations with multiple accounts now have the ability to log in and out to switch between Emma accounts.
  • We also threw in a new way to view and sort through your audience groups that we think you’ll love.


See all of the new contacts you collected at a glance.

See for yourself! Download Guestbook for iPad in the Apple Store.

And keep the feedback coming! Hop on over to Emma Community to tell us what you like about Guestbook, suggest ideas for the next version or share your success stories. We can’t wait to hear what you do with it! 

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