Compare Mailings: You asked, we delivered

April 12, 2016 McKenzie Gregory

Our newly revamped “Compare Mailings” feature is here!

It’s the latest step in our mission to uncover more data-driven insights for our customers so they can use them to power smarter email campaigns. The enhanced Compare Mailings will help you hone in on the information you care about and share it in an easy-to-digest format with the rest of your team.

And the best part? You can compare as many mailings as you want based on whatever criteria you want, from date range to campaign name. Here, let J.L. show you all the things you can do.




We ran the new Compare Mailings by a group of customers ahead of time so they could test it out, and here's what they had to say after giving it a try:

  • “I love being able to compare mailings like this! It’s an easy way to get everything I need into one spreadsheet.” – Christie Medical Holdings
  • “It’s way easier to understand and compare everything in a column format. Awesome job!” – Casa Travis Country
  • “WAHOO! I love the new report. It’s fantastic. Thank you.” – Mandate Media
  • “The new compare mailings feature is fantastic. I was really pleased to see the webview links there, too. Appreciate it!” – The Philadelphia Zoo
  • “Thanks for such a great new tool!” – Spindrift Cellars

We love hearing that kind of feedback. This just the first of many improvements we’re making to Emma’s reporting ability, so stay tuned for more to come!



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