Coming soon: Expanded email automation, powered by Emma

October 9, 2014

Emma customers have had the ability to send automated emails based on defined triggers for years, but it's admittedly a hard-to-find feature, and as a result, only 10% of our customer community takes advantage of them.

To help more of our marketers get in the automation game, we want to make setting up automatic emails even easier. We know automation can complement your existing sending strategy with smart, targeted messages that feel personal and scale your marketing efforts.

That's why we're so excited to share an early look at Emma's expanded email automation features. Read on to learn exactly what we're building and how you can get early access in your own Emma account.

How we're thinking about email automation

Most marketers can pinpoint the key milestones and behaviors in a customer's lifecycle that could benefit from timely, targeted messaging -- like when a subscriber joins your list, makes a purchase or has a birthday.

Emma's automation features are being built around those key ideas (and more!), so you can combine what you know about your audience with well-timed content -- and start seeing great results right away.

Overall, we're out to provide an automation solution that empowers you to do really cool things with your email marketing, but without loading you down with a bunch of complicated features that make you feel like you need a full-time automation expert.


What you'll see in November

When we launch our first set of expanded automation features later this fall, you'll see an all-new Automation section in your Emma account, which will walk you through the streamlined steps of who to send to, what to send and when to send it (basically a workflow builder). You'll still create emails in Emma's intuitive drag & drop editor, with all the flexibility to edit content on the fly, drag in video content and preview your email on mobile devices, to name a few of my favorite features.

Here's a peek at the automation workflow builder:

Click to enlarge

As you move through the who, when and what steps of your automated workflow, a fly-out menu from the side will surface the groups, segments and saved mailings in your account -- just make your selections to create workflows for:

  • Welcome or onboarding emails
  • Birthday and anniversary greetings and coupons
  • Thank-yous and rewards for purchases made
  • Win-backs for inactive subscribers
  • Event registration confirmations


With this new workflow, it's also really easy to build an automated series. Just click that "+ email" button to tack on additional messages that deploy exactly when you want them. Build an entire onboarding series for new subscribers, develop a series of messages for lapsed customers, kick off a series of reminders leading up to an event, or nurture prospects to become paying customers with a steady stream of undeniable offers.

Click to enlarge

On the Response side of things, you'll see the deep-dive metrics for any individual mailing (cool), but you'll also get super visual, rolled-up results for any automated series you create (very cool).

Click to enlarge

You'll also be able to assign emails to go out to groups or segments, as well as edit the content of automated emails without having to reset the automation workflow -- both of these have been on customers' wish lists for a while, and we're excited to deliver. If this early look sparks a new item on your wish list, pop over to this conversation in Emma Community to let us know.

How to get early access to Emma's automation features

As we wrap up the final weeks of work to get these new features launched, we're on the lookout for customers who are eager to try it out and tell us what they think. Are you ready to be Automatic for the People? Sign up here and we'll be in touch!

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