A smart retailer's essential email marketing tools [video]

September 26, 2014 jamie@myemma.com

As owners of The Peach Truck, Stephen and Jessica Rose sell fresh Georgia peaches by the bagful to peach-craving Nashvillians. For us, peach season means enjoying some of the best peaches on the planet (seriously, one bite of these things will have you taking a knee and getting all emotional). For Stephen and Jessica, it means nonstop work, including transporting, selling, and yes, email marketing their peaches to customers.

Stephen was nice enough to chat with us about the email marketing tools they're using that can help all retailers get better results.

See how it all got started

Inspire customer loyalty with valuable content

Stephen understands it's a privilege to be invited into their subscribers' inboxes, so The Peach Truck only sends an email when they have something valuable to offer. That could be a schedule of the truck's location, new recipes or tips for canning and freezing. It keeps their customers opening, clicking, and most importantly, buying.

Keep track of your email results when you're on the go

For someone who travels as much as Stephen, staying connected to The Peach Truck's email results when he's on the road is super important. That's where our mobile results app Metric comes in handy. He can keep tabs on his emails from anywhere to see what's working and what he needs to adjust on the fly.

Sell more stuff with smart integrations

The Peach Truck uses Emma's Shopify integration to connect their email marketing with their online shopping cart. It allows them to track purchases that result from each email, so they can see the actual dollar amount each email generates. Plus, they can identify which customers are ordering a lot (so they can send a nice thank you email), and which ones they haven't heard from in awhile (so they can send a special offer) to keep them coming back for more tasty peaches. 

Get support from your ESP if you need it

Their results? Amazing. We're talking average open rates over 40% and click rates near 30% kind of amazing. But with such a small staff, Stephen and Jessica occasionally need some support with design or segmenting their various audiences during the hectic peach season. We're more than happy to pitch in. 


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