A comprehensive list of what made your Emma account better in 2014

December 12, 2014 jamie@myemma.com

You know what's fun? Building stuff. Legos, Construx, Erector Sets -- there's a sense of satisfaction that comes from taking a pile of pieces and turning them into something that looks cool and maybe also does something cool. Like scare the family cat.

If you're lucky, you get to build stuff in your job (like marketing plans and great-looking emails) and probably know the feeling I'm talking about. Emma's product developers are no different. They come to work every day building software that helps our customers do their jobs more easily and do more with their marketing. Talk about satisfying!

This year, the team focused on building and delivering big and small enhancements to every Emma account, all aimed at creating a better experience. Here's a rundown of noteworthy 2014 releases, which focused on:

  1. Creating a delightful email creation experience
  2. Empowering you to do more with your data


New versatile, mobile-optimized email templates

Simpler header designs help you get right to the point.

In addition to our new Occasions Collection of templates and fresh designs for the Fall and Winter holiday collections, we added dozens of streamlined designs that let you add your logo and make your content shine in the inbox.


An integration with Shopify

Our Emma for Shopify integration is a must-have for ecommerce customers. Simply enter your Shopify credentials to sync lists, send targeted emails to your Shopify customers and easily track your ROI from every email.


Editor improvements out the wazoo

In 2014, we refined so many aspects of the editing experience that it's hard to list them all. But notable improvements include:

  • Customizable social follow icons to drag and drop anywhere in your mailing. Encourage your email subscribers to like you on Facebook or check out your Pinterest page.
  • A video block for YouTube and Vimeo content. Drag one into any mailing and add your video URL. Instant thumbnail!
  • The ability to add preheader text to any mailing, so you can say more to entice subscribers to open. (We gave you 9 ideas for how to use it, too!)
  • A new template wrapper for every design in the gallery. We moved the "see this online" and social sharing options to the footer, so your message is the first thing people see.


An all-new Response overview

Click for a larger image

Your Response section got a major overhaul this year, with an interactive click map, a Mailing Score that sums up your performance in a single number (out of 10), and opens tracked by device and client. (We're already learning a lot from studying our click map.)


Updates to Metric for iPhone

Email results, on the go

We brought all the great improvements to Response right into Metric, our iPhone app that lets you check your results on the go. As the sender of Emma's emails, I love Metric – here's why.


An agency dashboard

Now, when agency resellers log in, they're greeted with a dashboard of everything that's going on in their client accounts. We're talking average Mailing Score, opens and clicks, plus a timeline view of notable events, like mailings, imports, or a lack of activity, which can be just as important to be aware of.


Expanded email automation

Currently, we're in the process of rolling out expanded email automation features to all customers. (Hooray!) The rollout will continue into 2015, and we'll continue to add trigger functionality along the way, but we're excited to close out the year by making it easy and fun to set up automated email series for your contacts. Because automated emails get great results.

There's so much more to come in 2015! Stay tuned for a peek at next year's product roadmap. 

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