6 brilliant marketing predictions from Emma staff for 2015

December 18, 2014 jamie@myemma.com

It’s the end of the year, which means marketers everywhere are making predictions on the big trends we should prepare for in 2015. And hey, we’re no different. It’s fun, and every once in awhile we actually get one right and toast to our prognosticating genius. Time will tell if our crystal ball is more accurate than others, but the blind gypsy we bought it from in Printer’s Alley promised us that it’s never wrong. So we passed it around to several Emma staffers, and here’s what they saw.

Matt Thackston, Product Manager

"I think that in 2015, the idea of wanting more data will be completely replaced by the idea of wanting meaningful data. Having tons of data points isn't helpful if you can't tease out meaningful trends or customer actions from that data. With the integrations we're building into Emma, our goal is to gather and bring meaning to the data you and your customers are creating in various places. We want all of that data to inform how you communicate with your customers in the future so that you’re connecting with them in a more timely, relevant and personal way than ever before."

Kelley Kirker, Account Manager

"I'm a terrible guesser of such things….but I am a decent consumer. In terms of my shopping, I'm all about the zero pressure, “try on” situation that companies like Warby Parker are bringing about. I don’t think that idea is anywhere close to having peaked yet, so I see more industries implementing a “no touch trial” for their products and services in 2015. It gives people a chance to try out a product without taking on any risk or being hassled by an overly pushy salesperson."

Jim Hitch, Product Manager

"Soon we’ll see the concept of behavioral data expand to include a person’s physical actions in the real world. Tech like Apple’s iBeacon and Samsung’s Placedge will allow marketers to target content based on how you move around the physical world, not just how you move around the web. An example would work like this. A restaurant wants to remind folks to leave a review on Yelp. They could target folks who have been to the restaurant within the last 30 days, but not those that were there the night service was slow because half the waitstaff called in sick. It’s a new kind of behavioral data that will power smarter segments and push notifications.”  

Sam Farkas, Agency Partner Manager

“There are three things we’ll see more of in 2015. First is transparency. Creating trust through transparency will become more and more meaningful to people, especially consumers. They’ll gravitate toward brands that pull back the curtain and let them inside their thinking and processes. Second, I think people and marketers are sick to death of chasing ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ from one moment to the next without any kind of tangible ROI. My gut tells me that like-chasing mentality will finally start to go away and marketers will look for bigger, broader, more impactful trends in social media marketing. And third, video. LOTS of video. Everywhere. On everything. All. The. Time."

Jamie Bradley, Events Manager

"We're going to see a lot of marketers hitting the reset button in 2015 in an attempt to better understand audience behavior. Specifically, how can we, as marketers, use what we already know to be true about human nature based on eons of evolution and nerdy brain science? We’re predictable creatures and smart marketers can leverage that to deliver the right messages at the right time to the right people. Back that up with smart data and automation and everybody wins!"

Grey Garner, VP of Marketing

"Your refrigerator will email you. And maybe your friendly repair person, too. The 'internet of things' will reach a critical mass and the era of the connected digital device will move beyond wearable fitness devices – where everything from our cars to our microwave ovens to our pets’ flea collar will become an integrated part of our digital lives."

Have some marketing predictions of your own for 2015? We'd love to hear 'em in the comments!

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