5 questions with Warby Parker's Brian Magida

March 4, 2015 jeff.slutz@myemma.com

As director of digital marketing at Warby Parker, Brian Magida oversees all performance-based marketing initiatives, from paid search to television (and everything in between) for the groundbreaking glasses designer and retailer. As lovers of amazing brand stories and stylish glasses (duh), we can’t wait to hear Brian tell the Warby Parker story at Marketing United. We recently caught up with Brian to get a taste of what he'll be talking about and not-so-subtly hit him up for some new frames for Emma.

1. What are you most looking forward to about Marketing United?

I am really looking forward to connecting with other like-minded marketers outside of New York. I am coming in, eyes wide open, and hope to leave with a few new tricks up my sleeve. In addition, I hope the stories and anecdotes I share about the early days at Warby Parker inspire others to take the road slightly less traveled.

2. Warby Parker is known for being a socially conscious brand with a cool company culture. What’s the best part about telling that brand story? Feel free to gush.

I really enjoy telling the stories that aren’t as widely known, but helped to shape our company culture. At its core, we built this company and brand out of sheer will. We all rolled up our sleeves and jumped head first into the deep end. Whether it was receiving returns to [co-founder Neil Blumenthal's] apartment in Philadelphia and manually processing each and every one (which also meant packing them up and walking 10 blocks to the UPS shipping facility in Center City) to manually approving every Home Try-On order until 2:00am, we knew if we could deliver an amazing and unique experience for every one of our customers, we would in turn be building something uniquely special and our own. I believe the team we assembled early on, who helped to create and shape what is now Warby Parker lore, is one of the fundamental reasons why we have been able to grow and maintain our company’s spirit and culture.

3. The annual report generator you guys did this year was a huge hit. (My spirit animal: Iberian Lynx.) How did that project come about?

This marked the 4th year of our Annual Report series. The concept was initially derived by one of our designers, who creates his very own personal annual report. We have gone through several iterations and wanted to do something different this time. We brainstormed and the one concept we got most excited about was the Make Your Own Annual Report idea. We wanted to create something that people would share (and enjoy) and this concept fit the bill perfectly .

4. What are the marketing tools that you currently can’t live without?

I use a blend of Convertro and Google Analytics, which are instrumental in helping me understand the efficacy of our performance marketing campaigns..

5. If Emma was in the market for some new frames, what might you recommend?

Emma would wear the Holcomb in Pearled Tortoise. Without a doubt.

Yep, looks good!



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