5 questions with UnMarketing's Scott Stratten

April 9, 2015 jeff.slutz@myemma.com

Marketing friends! Are you listening to UnPodcast? Well, you should. UnMarketing's Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer have put together a podcast that’s fun and entertaining and will absolutely help you get better at what you do. It's why we decided to become a sponsor (full disclosure). And do you know what's super exciting? Scott's not only giving a keynote at Marketing United, but he and Alison are also doing UnPodcast live for the MU audience. It's going to be a highlight, for sure. After reading our quick interview with Scott, you'll see why.

1. What are you most looking forward to about Marketing United?

For one of the first times ever, I’m looking forward to watching a lot of the sessions. My job is giving keynotes – I do 50 a year. It’s not to say that a lot of talks are terrible, but a lot of talks out there are terrible. Not-so-disguised vendor sales pitches, death by PowerPoint, old data presented as new. I’m already an irate person by nature, so this usually sets me over the edge.

But between friends Jay Baer, one of the smartest content producers I know, and Ann Handley, who knows more about writing than most people I know combined, just those two keynotes alone are worth the price of admission. Not to mention, I’m excited to attend breakouts. BREAKOUTS! Also, the chance for Alison and I to do the UnPodcast live, with Jay and Ann, adds almost more excitement than I can handle.

2. Can you give us a sneak peek into what your keynote will be about?

It will be a not-so-subtle sales pitch, using old data on PowerPoint. And a lot of “Jay mentioned…” and “You heard Ann talk about…”

Before becoming pretend famous on social media, I was an email marketer. I’ve been doing email marketing since the days of almost 100% open rates, when people were excited to get email. I’m going to talk about UnSelling, the process of influencing repeat buyers and lifelong clients, versus one-off sales. How we shouldn’t beat people's inboxes to death, just because we have their “permission.” I’ll even tell you about the time I started getting thousands of signups a day and was manually adding them to my list. And I was managing my list by using Outlook. Express. I’m so ashamed.

3. What are the traits that most great content marketers have in common?

I would say beards. The longer mine gets, the better at content I become.

I think an understanding that content has become more interactive, understanding where you’re welcome within those interactions and when to step back. Also, that some of the best content is created by your customers, instead of you, and how to embrace that.

4. What's the one bright and shiny new marketing tool that you're currently in love with?

Ello and Meerkat and Periscope and Google+. Oh wait, you asked what I love, not hate. My bad.

We’ve written about, in multiple books, to be careful of bright and shiny. Focus is my favourite tool. You don’t have to be everywhere and use everything. Just be solid in what you’re using now.

And Emma. I love Emma. (Disclaimer: Emma is the lead sponsor of the UnPodcast.)

5. Nashville is home to stars of all sorts. Which celebrities are you hoping to spot while honky tonkin' in Music City?

I swear, if I run into the Honky Tonk Man from 90’s wrestling fame……

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